Elements of fairness, justice missing

I always have liked the word “defenestration.” The formal/humorous definition is the act of throwing someone out a window. The informal definition is removing someone from a position of power or authority.

Defenestration has been around a long time and perhaps the most famous reference is “The Defenestration of Prague,” of which there were three, but the oddest one occurred in 1618 when three officials were thrown out the same window and all were unharmed except for their pride because they landed on a manure pile.

Even before he was sworn into office, President Donald Trump’s opponents were plotting his defenestration (using the informal definition) by pushing for his impeachment. As a lawyer, I like the ideas of fundamental fairness, due process, justice and just plain old “doing the right thing.”

Most Americans and Kentuckians agree. Regrettably, President Trump is being dealt a very poor hand by the Democrats in the House of Representatives, but I have great confidence that the U.S. Senate will end this defenestration/impeachment farce and put an end to the matter in favor of President Trump.

What bothers me as much as what the Democrats are trying to do to President Trump at the national level, is what has not been done to others who we all know need to be brought to justice – the rotten to the core Clintons, Bill and Hillary. Both Clintons have gotten away with so many crimes and miscarriages of justice that it makes me ill to think about it. There will be no justice in America until Hillary in particular is in jail.

Here in Kentucky, I have confidence that our Attor­ney General-elect Daniel Cameron will ensure that those who break the law in Kentucky will be brought to justice. God bless America and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Jim Weise


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I see you are still singing the republican mantra for trump. Just because you use big words doesn't make your comments correct. Trump was investigated first by his own party during he Mueller investigation and he didn't learn his lesson. Now he faces a deeper investigation where the proof for most Americans is right there in black and white. The only ones in denial are the hardcore republicans who are willing to let this country and the Office of the President of the United States be damaged by trump and his open corruption. You seem to clear trump of all of his illegal dealing while bringing up the Clintons. So lets look at Bill for a moment. After several years of being hounded and investigated by Kenneth Star, including the conspiracy theories from before his Presidency, they were finally able to get Bill for having a consensual sexual affair with another consenting adult. There is no crime in that - he did try to lie and they finally got him for lying to congress. As far as Hillary goes, let's see. 7 different investigations into the Bengahzi attack that were by the Republican led house, the results - several millions of dollars wasted but no charges filed. At least 2 different email investigations led by the republican house and the FBI - result- again a lot of money wasted but no charges were filed. Significant facts here are that neither Bill nor Hillary obstructed the investigations. Bill did not invoke executive privilege and otherwise block witnesses. Hillary could not claim privilege therefore any charges found could have and would have been filed to hurt her campaign even more. So in closing Multiple investigations into Bill and Hillary without obstruction leading to one charge that Bill lied to congress. Trump - 1 Mueller investigation resulting in at least 5 instances of obstructing Justice that could have been charged if he wasn't President at the time. Proof that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help trump but couldn't prove his campaign was working with them. 1 Ukraine investigation where he was using extortion to get dirt on political rival Joe Biden. Proof has been presented, His chief of staff admitted to it in a press conference and told everyone to get over it. During both investigations he has blocked witnesses tried to vilify the press and divide the country while golfing at his clubs on taxpayer money breaking the domestic emoluments clause of the constitution. Seriously now, who is the real criminal here

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