Pray for Christians to step forward

“Why stand we here idle?” as Patrick Henry would impugn. There are wars raging against children, capitalism, white men and America.

Abortion has taken more than 25 percent of our workforce and much of our reverence for life. Where are the local pro-life marches and rallies and people voting pro-life?

In capitalism, when your boots wear out, you get an improved pair. In socialism, when your boots wear out, you are out of boots. But some are eager for “free stuff.”

If a Disney video or movie has a villain, it is always a white man. Notice the media slant against white men.

Democrats are bypassing our voting system by trying to remove a legally elected president

What to do?

Pray for 15 percent more American Christians to apply for political office and win. One hundred years ago, the church was the power of the nation. Now it is the anti-Christian media and politics. So, change it. Pray for 15 percent more American Christians to opt for media careers.

Ask the Kentucky Baptist Association and others to hold God and Country Sunday services as does Brother Joe Adams, America’s only non-tax-supported legislative chaplain. One per church per year would do. Borrow his plan.

Speak, write and call for our side.

J.B. Armstrong


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Interesting letter. I understand and respect your christian view but i must remind you that abortion is a valid, legal medical procedure between a woman and her doctor and it should stay that way. Interference by lawmakers based on religious views would violate several basic tenants. Separation of church and state, a basic republican stance of keeping the government out of health care and letting doctors and patients decide whats best for them just to name a couple. I'm not sure what you mean about the Disney movies, i looked up several Disney villains and most were cartoon characters and the non cartoon ones were split between men and women with some robots etc.

No, the democrats are not trying to remove a legally elected president, the are trying to remove an openly corrupt President and to salvage the Office of the President of the United States.

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