Expressing truth in a troubled culture

Most people who know me know I am a Christian, conservative, Republican in that order.

I am a Republican because the Republican Party most closely aligns with my social, cultural and moral beliefs. But even they get it wrong and Republicans know that. For many years while crazy things have been happening in our culture, Republicans have sat in the U.S. Senate and the House and many state houses never making a mention of them. Never commenting on crucial issues on the floor of their chambers defending our laws or institutions that western civilization was built on as well as many a happy family. Never speaking against these things whether it’s abortion, millions of illegals walking into our nation or the new confusion of sexual identity that is flooding the lives of young people. They have been silent when America could have used their voice to bring some sanity to many situations.

Now we have President Donald Trump’s voice bringing sanity to situations like saying to people such as Ilhan Omar if you don’t like our country go back to Somalia. What is wrong with that? Millions of Americans think that but fear speaking it. Saying things to her like if America is so bad, Congresswoman, why are so many Somali citizens in America? He makes commonsense statements like how is it that illegals love waving their country’s flag in the U.S. but are so outraged at the thought of actually living there.

And then we have Republicans such as Mitt Romney and Joni Ernst attacking the president as racist. Please tell me how and why. They are swamp creatures that unfortunately voters in their states didn’t have enough sense to not elect them or re-elect them.

Debbie Bayles


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• From the moment President Trump was elected, many far-left Democrats have been determined to obstruct and resist his every move. • The “socialist squad” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib – have repeatedly made very offensive and anti-American comments about our country and attacked President Trump. • They have disparaged our law enforcement officials, demonized the brave men and women of ICE, made repeated vile anti-Semitic comments, and trashed America. But many in the media have given the “socialist squad” a pass for their offensive vitriol. o Ilhan Omar dismissed 9/11 as “some people did something” and refused to answer if she was “pro-al Qaeda.” She also Tweeted that US support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” and when she was asked what she meant, she responded “AIPAC!” o Rashida Tlaib said thinking of the Holocaust provides her a “calming feeling” and called critics of her Holocaust distortion "racist idiots." Tlaib also has a long history of associating with terrorists. o AOC said the current state of America is “garbage” and claimed that the United States is running “concentration camps” on the Southern U.S. border. o Ayanna Pressley accused minority Border Patrol agents as a “cog” in a machine of oppression. She also called for the defunding of ICE, claiming the agency is “irrevocably broken.” • The despicable rhetoric espoused by the socialist squad and tolerated by national Democrats is beyond disgusting. • Our politicians should stand up for our country, not make hateful comments about it. Make no mistake, the “socialist squad” is in control of the Democrat Party. • President Trump made it clear he was not happy and does not agree with the chant at the rally. • As the President has repeatedly said, he will not allow America to be a socialist country. Anti-Semitic, anti-America propaganda.


Looks like you hit the nail right on the head, Dono.


…….said the Karl Marx Communist.


Linda Duv, He's just a troll who vomits hate and venom. Better to ignore until he actually wants to have a civil discussion based on critical thinking. Watch, he'll call me a name now or accuse me of some horrific belief or symptom. Great letter Ms. Bayles.


Where have you been? Your alter ego Linda Duv has been doing all the Conservative Republican White Evangelical Nationalism flag waving for all of you Trump Cultist. You calling someone a troll is hilarious. You write your hate and venom constantly about anyone who challenges President Donald Trump and yet you cultist attack every Democrat President. Currently the Trump cultist and Trump has attacked one of the greatest thing about America, our free press. All you people complain about is "fake news". Except Conservative Republican news. News that only glorifies republcans and attacks Democrats. Conservatism has divided this Nation into us vs. them. Keep trolling with your whataboutisms and Trump worshipping. I will continue to counter with the truth and historic facts.


You would know your rear from a hole in the ground if Karl Marx shook your hand. I am not the one posting pictures of communist leaders in the White House. I see you're still spewing Conservative Republican nonsense calling people communist when you do not even know what a communist is or does. How Pathetic are you people?




Outstanding letter, Ms. Bayles


Of course, you like it. Trump Cultist stick together.


Well, do you believe racism exists in America? Most Conservative Republicans who love Trump seem to believe racism in America has been solved. Every time the discussion comes up Conservative Republicans call it the race card. The President of the United States declared four Democrat Congresswomen should go back to the country they came from if they do not like his policies. Because his policies are not America's policies. They are his policies and they are not well-liked by the majority of Americans. They are elected officials voicing their supporter's voices. You do not see the problem with the President of the United States of America declaring his political opponents as enemies of America? What is your damage? If his rhetoric causes any harm to any of these four Democrat women whether he accepts it or not, and we all know he never apologies or think he is at fault for anything, this country is gonna self destruct. President Donald Trump is a horrible person in his personal life and business life. His political life has been full of corrupt appointees to his cabinet, economic failure, and lies. Why do you not care about all of Trump's lies and deceptions? Only the Beast teaches that lying, greed and being unfaithful is good. I bet you were one of those Republicans who condemned Bill Clinton but forgive Trump. Thanks to President Donald Trump you and your descendants will eat more contaminated food, drink more poisonous water and breath dirtier air. President Donald Trump undid all President Obama food protections, Clean Water and Clean air protections. No replacements have been proposed. If you find any please post them. And yet you praise President Trump. The cost of living has risen under President Donald Trump and wages are stagnating. His phony emergency declaration about the Steel and Aluminum industry was a huge break for American corrupt factory owners who are using taxpayer money to modernize and then using his tariffs to gain market share. Every American business who uses Steel and Aluminum are paying for the tariff and passing the cost to the American people. Tens of thousands of American jobs were lost due to canceled building projects. President DonaldTrump's tariff war with every country in the world has damaged America's image and now American consumers and American corporations are paying more for the same products and the trade imbalance still exists. China has made deals with other Nations and America loses money. American gas prices are going up as President Donald Trump encourages our energy companies to export more finished energy products to Europe. The American consumer gets stuck in the rear again. Explain, again how President Donald Trump is good for America. Conservative Republicans are blocking the 9/11 bill. Conservative Republicans are blocking an increase to the minimum wage. Conservative Republicans are trying to turn American Christianity into the American Taliban where no other religion is allowed. Conservative Republicans want to enslave women to have children against their will. All based on a form of Christianity started in the late 1800s. These same Christians believed women should not vote and slavery was ordained by God to bring black people into the Christian religion. What lasted from these false Christians were the anti-abortion movement that was taken up by American doctors who wanted all midwives out of the baby birthing business and abortion business. Basically, these early 1900 doctors wanted women out of the women health market. Now it is a political football for politicians and the two-party system. If you can show me in the Bible that abortion was against the will of God please show me. I have discussed this with many preachers and get the same answer. It is an issue about faith. Well, the church uses to say sex should only be for procreation. As Americans the majority to not adhere to that religious chain. So why should we listen to these false prophets today?

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