America needs to ship off racism

Debbie Bayles’ letter to the editor published July 18 left me with very uneasy feelings. Donald Trump’s campaign rally truly brought out the ugliness of our White House occupant and his supporters. Why do we constantly have to denigrate other races?

The four congresswomen are Americans and duly elected by their constituents. If their constituents do not like the job they are doing, I am sure they will be voted out of office.

Who are Republicans to question other people’s love for our country and their loyalty? Never heard of the First Amendment? Where do you to ship them off to? Three of them were born here. Only Ilhan was born abroad.

I never would question any Republicans’ love and loyalty for our country, even if I disagree with them on every political aspect.

When Trump was elected, I thought we hit rock bottom but apparently rock bottom has a basement. The open and also veiled racist comments are downright ugly. Racism does not serve our country well.

Like it or not, we are a changing society. We are turning into the most diverse population and in my opinion that is a good thing. We demonstrate what our country is all about and should embrace and celebrate it. No other country on this planet can match us. You cannot turn back the clock.

In a short time, whites will be the minority and no political hate can change it. A sign of intelligence is adaption. If the Republican Party keeps this up, it will go the way of the dinosaurs. They need to be inclusive or the party will be a “has been.” We are all Americans and that ugliness has no place in our country.

Birgit Polston


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The Washington Post and MSLSD continues to amaze us with their lies and delusional distortions.


DONO wrote:

"... a media that consistently horribly slants their reporting to the point of it obviously being fake...."

Debbie Bayles and the Trump base evolved from Tea Party conspiracy pushers. It always has been the favorite tactic of the Far Right --

On the Opinion page of the August 18, 2011 edition of The News-Enterprise, Debbie Bayles wrote:

"....... Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo) has stated, 'Even if a so-called ineligible person (unregistered American, illegal immigrant) casts a ballot, is that really so bad? Shouldn't every living person be entitled to vote for who will rule over him?' A U.S. Senator speaking on behalf of violating our laws."

That is fiction, having originated in a conservative web article

out of "Arizona Sunlight" : "John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News" linked at:

Which shows that

1) conservatives just can't write good satire, and

2) for the target audience, it doesn't make any difference.

-- Greg Fliesher (letter to editor, 2011)


Ms. Polston I’m so sorry you’re uneasy. I offer that if you reread the entire tweet that President Trump sent that the news outlets described as racist you’ll note that it was addressed to only one of them and he urged her to go back to her war torn country, fix it, and come back and tells how she did it. That seems reasonable to me and it certainly doesn’t even allude to racism. You then imply that President Trump constantly is saying racist things. I offer that your comment about our changing society is certainly true. It seems that there is a tremendous amount of manufactured insult that occurs all the time, specifically from the media. It is ridiculous and seems to be occurring because our President is actually succeeding and fighting back against a media that consistently horribly slants their reporting to the point of it obviously being fake. Lastly, you mention that whites will be a minority. Who cares! I offer that America needs to stop taking statistics on whether someone is black, brown, white, or green. Racism is not the problem. It is the insistence by certain groups to always highlight a persons or groups race and blame or excuse behavior based on race! This is intellectually stupid unless it’s being done to blame someone for some sort of issue.


What a load of nonsense. By all means, back up your anti-press BS. America was founded on a free press and President Donald Trump has attacked that press for telling the truth about him and his business and personal dealings. You cultist of Trump is as insane of any cult. You promote lies and deceptions as truth. Maybe you should look up cults and watch these people talk. ABC, NBC, and CBS have been giving national news to America since the beginning of radio and television. Now Trump and his Conservative Republican Evangelical White Nationalist cultist are bashing these networks as enemies of the American people. I say prove it. These liars and deceivers of the beast rant about the bad press but never talk about their Conservative republican created news networks like FOX News, Sinclair news networks and Breitbart. How are these considered real news and everyone else fake news? DONO you and Linda DUV write a lot of pathetic lies and deceptions. Are you really just one person? If you do not believe racism is alive and well in America then you have to be institutionalized and have no real-world experience. People who look out their back window and think the world is just what they see, are pathetic. If you do not care that the President of the United States of America told an elected Congresswoman to go back to her country because she disagrees with him is not racist then you have no idea what racism is. Do you actually think for a comment to be racist it must contain the n**** word? How is President Donald Trump's statement not racist? Have you not heard KKK members not chant for blacks to go back to their country? Just how much of a cultist are you? Who are these certain groups you try to blame but can't name? A sign of a racist is the fact they deny racism exists and are someone else's problem and not theirs. So since you and LINDA DUV blame others for America's problems (Democrats) does that make you two "intellectually Stupid"?


Nobody is supporting hate here, Jussie, except you. I'm sure you'll identify with this post.

LINDA DUV I agree with Ms. Polston entirely. Here's an example of typical Democratic Party Muslim hate.


Another FOX News source highlighting their perceived Democrats Muslim hate and ignoring her own hate for Muslims, Mexicans, South Americans, and everything Democrat. Linda Duv is a great supporter of hate. Just read her comments. Even her choice to post FOX News attacks on Omar is just racism. Linda Duv promotes Donald Trump's racist rants at the four Democrat Congresswoman but claims she supports Muslims? How is that possible when Linda Duv and her fellow Trump cultist still call former President Barack Obama a Muslim and they chose to ignore his choice to be a Christian.


The Conservative Republican cult of Trump is not a patriotic cult. Patriotism is not their goals. Division and specialization of your political thoughts are their goals. That is why the Cult of Trump is a very narrow cult of Conservative Republican Christian White Nationalist. They believe their the only real Christians in America because they have declared Donald Trump anointed by God. They claim it was God's will Donald Trump was elected. But they do not say that about Barack Obama, Bush/Cheney or any other President elected in America. That is a cult mentality. Also, Donald Trump and his cult following claim the white race is the model race for America. Donald Trump and Pense have attended every organization that hails the white race. Pense himself has a person he claims is a Jewish Rabbi but who is not Jewish. He is an American version of a Jewish Rabbi that converted to Christianity. Why does Pense associate with someone the Jewish community does not recognize? This has become the norm in the Conservative Republican Christian belief system. They support the idea of a Christian Israel that has Christian leaders of Israel and not Jewish leaders. The rise of violence against the Jewish people in America has skyrocketed under Trump/Pense. Trump/Pense has denounced the violence but their Justice Department has decreased enforcement of hate crime laws and removed many white hate groups from the government watchdog list. Instead, Trump/Pense has included and placed more law enforcement resources to track and arrest South American and Mexican illegal aliens in America. The vast majority of these arrests are against illegal aliens who have committed no crime except being in America illegally. I find White Nationalist a larger threat to my family then illegal aliens. And yet more of our resources are used to hunt down South American and Mexicans illegals and White Europian illegals are not even mentioned. Many of the Eastern Europian countries have the most violent criminals in the world that make MS13 look like amateurs. These European crime gang members number in the hundreds of thousands. MS-13 number about 10,000. Most Conservative Republican cultist of Trump complain about South American and Mexican illegals as the greatest threat to American citizens. They refuse to listen to the truth. The nationalism of Trump's cult demeans every country except the United States. We are a world economy. Donald Trump and his cultist do not understand this truth. The majority of the trade deals he screwed up hurt Kentucky and America. America wanted cheap steel and aluminum. Donald Trump's fake National Emergency, that Mitch McConnell did not challenge, raised all prices on steel and aluminum on all Americans. This caused the cancellation of tens of thousands of construction projects in America and lost jobs for over a hundred thousand American workers. But Trump/Pense says it is worth it because we gained about 5,000 short term steel and aluminum jobs. Short term because the worst American steel and aluminum companies had bleed corporate profits into their pockets and did not invest in their industry. Now it is a tax on every American who has anything made of steel and aluminum. Because these steel and aluminum companies are passing the tariffs unto consumers. These short term steel and aluminum jobs will disappear once the modern facilities go online. Even now Trump/Pense economic team has concluded the tax cut did not produce what was promised. Now Conservative Republicans only talk about the deficit when they want to cut programs that help Americans. No long term financial support or medical aid to Kentucky Coal miners. Every year they have to see what Mitch McConnell will trickle down to them. But millionaire or Billionaire mine owners can just declare pension and support for minors wiped out by Bankruptcy. This week the second largest mine company bled of profits and now their payroll checks bounced. They are looking to file bankruptcy and leave more minors on McConnell welfare. But at least the $30 million dollar resort the mine owner owns wont be in any legal trouble.

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