Churches could help with job search

There was a time was when a father helped his son or son-in-law buy a farm; a son could work up to own his father’s store; and most young men could get a factory job that would take him to retirement. Those times are gone.

Our children and grandchildren likely will have good careers, but what do the children and grandchildren of the non-college family have to look forward to?

Many jobs have been outsourced to other countries

Most truck driving will go to automation.

Women fill a lot of jobs that men formerly had.

Illegals and legal aliens are taking construction, roofing and farm jobs.

Unemployed men are making desperate choices. Others live at home with parents or are joining the wel­fare ranks. Ten states reportedly have more people of welfare than working.

Now what?

• We need to encourage trade school along with college.

• The Baptist and/or county ministerial associations need to hire a part-time employment person/counselor to talk to the man on the street and report to the association

• Pastors and board members also should spend an hour or so in the employment line once a year. Feel it.

What are your suggestions?

J.B. Armstrong


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