No longer retaliating against liberals

I’ll no longer retaliate against hopeless liberals. They’ll never accept the truth, that Donald Trump – per JonVoight, a strong conservative in Hollywood – could be one of the greatest presidents ever. They’re missing out on history, being too entrenched in pervasive lies and unsubstantiated claims against this presidency.

It’s all because they lost an election. How pathetic.

Moderate Democrats and independents are my focus – people who actually think for themselves. They are people who believe the unborn have rights. Intelligent voters who recognize the DNC has lost its way – sinking further and further into a godless abyss. Anti-semite, anti-Christians, socialism advocates, the “new” DNC has abandoned its founding principles. They are an embarrassment to the country. Their “leaders” kowtow to the demands of their USA-hating base.

Hopefully, the fickle voters who left Trump in 2018 – totally duped by the deceitful liberal press – are having anxiety attacks and realizing they put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House. Now they’re stuck with her and her clueless cast of ethically challenged sycophants.

Is it just me, or do Pelosi and Biden have trouble putting two coherent sentences together? Remember the 2016 DNC primary: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and three other stiffs nobody remembers. Now they have 22-plus candidates, none of whom can stay on script from one day to the next.

They’re trying to outdo each other with the most free stuff – without a clue how to pay for it, which is never a concern for liberals.

President Trump was totally justified in walking out of that meeting after learning Pelosi trashed him moments before sitting down. What would you have done? Are you comfortable paying the salaries of these incompetent “leaders?” If they can’t accept the results of a report, covering more than two years, thousands of documents, hundreds of testimonies – all conducted by an extremely partisan group of leftist lawyers – they’ll never be satisfied.

They’ll just continue their “witch hunt” right up to the 2020 elections. They’re hell-bent on destroying this president and the welfare of the country be damned.

It is essential, for all citizens, to re-elect Trump and regain the House. God help us if we don’t.

Scott Kennedy


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LINDA DUV Well, you have to give De Blasio credit. At least he admits that he's a Communist.


HAHAHAHAHAHA Just like to label someone over a quote. It is what Donald Trump cultist do best. Or is that "King Trump" cultist?


Great letter, Scott. Did you notice that no one has questioned the factuality of your letter?


HaHaHa what facts?


Scott Kennedy, another cultist for President Donald Trump bashing the so-called liberal menace in America. You people are truly sad. Making statements such as "America Haters". The same can be said about Trump cultist. Trump has seized powers not granted to him. He accuses people of crimes and yet we see no prosecutions. Do you actually believe President Donald Trump and Candidate Donald Trump never told a lie? Is Donald Trump anointed by GOD as his religious advisers have publicly stated? Is everyone who complains about President Donald Trump an "America Hater"? Do you believe President Donald Trump has not made monumental errors in our economy, trade and world policies? Do you agree with an American President who kisses up to North Korea, Russia, Israel, and Saudia Arabia? Just how damaged are you to complain about Liberals and not speak a word about Conservative Republican cultist of President Donald Trump? What exactly is your problem with liberals? That they care too much for Americans and the people of the world? I have told Conservative Republican Cultist of trump before, that President Donald Trump has the White House, the Congress and the Senate and all they did was give a massive tax break to the wealthy that has added to the deficit. What they did not tackle is all the BS that you people complain about daily. The Liberal agenda. Why did they not clean up the Government over the liberal agenda? Let me help you figure this out. All the liberal bashing is a Conservative Republican smoke screen to allow Conservative Republicans unaccountable for what they do not do. Conservative Republicans had the votes to make abortion illegal. They choose not to do it. Why? They need you, people, to continue to vote for them. They do not want the matter to be settled and you people can just blame Democrats. What you people want is to enslave woman to have children they do not want. If your actions cause the woman to die in childbirth would you care to know you forced her to have a child? Anti-abortion has been an issue since the late 1800s in America. But abortion has been around for over 5,000 years. Why should anyone today listen to these religious zealots? Jesus never preached against it. It is not mentioned in the Bible. Popes throughout history never mentioned it until the last century. Abortion is just a political football between conservatives and liberals. I am for freedom devoid of religious dogma. Currently, Conservative Republicans decry abortions are murder and yet when a child is born they do not care what happens to the child next. Taking care of children is not what Conservative Republicans are about. Under President Donald Trump the budgets for caring for children have been cut. The children being held in American detention cells are suffering under a Conservative Republican religious belief system. Why is that? President Donald Trump, who has created this system blames Democrats for not building a wall? He has recently stated that even though the Children being held may be denied basic human services they are better off here then where the came from. How pathetic is that?

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