President should know national anthem

During the D-Day ceremony at Normandy, Presi­dent Donald Trump gave a speech that was free of errors and missteps, which was all well and good. That aside, what stuck out to me and a lot of those who watched was the fact he did not appear to know the words to our country’s national anthem.

He was on the world’s stage. He fidgeted, slapped at his chest, squirmed, looked around to see who was watching him on camera. Then he would attempt to mouth a word or two.

It would have been best, if he didn’t know the words, just to stand there proudly at attention. No one would have known the difference. He brought attention to himself by half signing the anthem.

On the other hand, President Emmanuel Macron of France sang his country’s anthem, mouthing all of the words with ferver and respect.

Trump and I are of the same generation. The national anthem is ingrained – or should have been at least – by third grade. Whether you’re president of the United States or not, most Americans know the words of our national anthem.

On foreign soil, those lyrics of Francis Scott Key patriotically should have flowed from his lips.

Trust you me, it was noticed around the world and it stood out to me because he didn’t know them. A yellow marker couldn’t have highlighted it any better.

Yvonne P. Rivera


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