McConnell should stand up to Trump

About this national emergency at the border Pres­i­dent Donald Trump has called for and enacted: Where is his documentation of such a national emergency? None of the government organizations have said there is a national emergency. That includes the military, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI and even the Justice Department. No Congressional emergency meeting or hearing. Nothing from the Senate. No one else from the White House stated the information on the national emergency. Only President Trump’s word.

So why are the conservative Republicans fine with this act? Conservative Republicans are banding together to support the president. But they did not explain what the national emergency is about. Is that not blind political loyalty?

Conservative Republicans attacked and insulted President Barack Obama for signing executive orders. The conservative Republicans called him “King Obama” and conservative Republicans gnashed their teeth and held up their fist in defiance of such perceived presidential abuse of power. And yet President Trump has signed more executive orders and a national emergency act on steel and aluminum and again on the southern border crisis. In both incidents, Trump did not justify his actions and conservative Re­pub­licans did not uphold their sworn duty to check presidential power grabs.

Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader and yet he does not challenge presidential power grabs. McConnell has not done his duty. He has failed America and the state of Kentucky. At what point are McConnell’s actions and speeches just political propaganda? Without McConnell standing up to President Trump about his war against Democrats and the free press, this nation is divided and cannot stand. There is political speech then there is hate speech. Mitch McConnell knows the difference. I hope he takes a stand to unite America.

President Trump made up a fake border crisis and declared a national emergency to steal funds from the military to build his monument wall. That is the truth. The wall is his monument to himself.

So Mitch McConnell, either stop President Trump or you need to resign in disgrace. Please choose.

Michael Ray Wilson


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Lanny Vincent

Michael, I always find it amusing, and funny really, to read your posts. Where did you get the information that abortions were common 5,000 years ago? Where did you dream that one up? Human beings were simply trying to survive and procreate. Also, be careful about commenting that people chatter like monkeys. First of all look at the length of your posts as compared to everyone else's. Talk about repeating the same, tired old falsehoods. Also, be careful about calling someone a monkey. If you had said that to Michelle or Barack Hussein, every black racist and white race baiting fake news person would be screaming like a whipped pup. From Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters to Anderson Cooper to Chris Cuomo. You would have been castigated to no end. So, be careful with your racist remarks.


Lanny Vincent, again you make mountains over molehills. First, if you would research the history of abortion you would not have made such an ignorant statement. Secondly, I do not care what color you are Linda Duv Chatters like a monkey. She chatters and makes no sense. She propagates propaganda and lies. Perhaps you agree with her rants. I do not care. Two peas in a pod. Prove me wrong instead of saying I speak falsehoods. You never have done so, which speaks volumes about your character and Linda Duv. She writes her personal deranged opinions and may sometimes use one article, usually from a Conservative Republican propaganda site, to justify her opinion. Lumping me in with prominent Democrat leaders is ridiculous. But I guess in your mind us Democrats are all just alike. What is stupid about your disrespectful comment about Michelle or "Barack Hussein" is your criticizing me and being racist about President Barack Hussien "Obama". Just how pathetic are you to do that? Lanny Vincent and Linda Duv your hate of Democrats and the real news networks are well documented. Fake News was started by Donald Trump as a campaign scam to blow off the unflattering press. That comes from his mouth to your deaf ears. He even nows criticizes FOX News. The Deep State was created by Donald Trump to try and divert attention from his poor ratings. After two years where is his proof of a Deep State? But Linda Duv likes to bring up the Deep State as being real. Racism is still alive and well in this city, this county, this state, and this country. Many racist bring up terms like "race-baiting" as if racism doesn't exist. Fake News is routinely used by people who do not care about the truth or critical statements about their so-called side. Fake News is news that can be perceived as actionable. CNN and FOX news is loaded with editorials and opinions. That is not news. News is asking the President of the United States of America a question and he answers it. Propaganda is a President of the United States being asked a question and he refuses to answer the question and states FAKE NEWS. You have the right to believe whatever you want, but go write crazy somewhere else


Its hard to answer to such a rambling, incoherent diatribe but I'll just touch on a couple of points. First of all, as usual you quoted no scholars as I asked you to. Second of all you mention the Bible, abortion and the death penalty. Have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments of which one is, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and concerning the Death Penalty "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"? Also, please tell me how protecting babies and the unborn is "enslaving" women. You've even outdid yourself with the "Keep the hate going because you make Satan proud." How extremely unprofessional. What "hate" are you talking about other than your own? As I see that I'm wasting my time, this will be my last post concerning this matter.


You always say "this is my last post" but you always keep chattering like a monkey. You quote two lines from the Bible and make it your belief system? That is hilarious that makes you so one dimensional. No wonder you use one article to argue a point. You actually believe one article is the whole story. As far as naming the hundreds of historians and political scientist, I have told you to look them up. ( type in Jimmy Carter president ranking) Go from there. So easy even you can do it. Enslaving woman to have children is forcing them to have children when they do not want to. What is wrong with you? The Bible has been used to justify so many atrocities and your deranged logic is how it is done. "Thou shalt not kill" is a Commandment God gave to the Jews. But it was given in the name of not committing murder against your fellow man. But abortion was never discussed in the Bible because it was common in that era as it was 3,000 years earlier. It has been going on for 5,000 years and a few false prophets in America, in the late 1800s spins into a National U.S. dilemma. Human Politics and not God is behind this anti-abortion movement. Why after 5,000 years is abortion an issue? Why did not God or Jesus give guidance in detail? Why have religious leaders failed to address this issue in the thousands of years since it has been going on? No, what we have is self-proclaimed preacher cultist in the late 1800s who got a break when the Doctors Medical Association tried to corner the market on woman's health and do away with midwives. These doctors brought these Religious Zealots to the State Governments than to the Federal Government to be heard, but these Doctors failed to get what they wanted. Midwives were not banned from practicing their craft. Instead, the Doctors lost the right to do abortions. Just like Religious Zealots caused the American to Ban Alcohol, these Religious Zealots got a corrupt government to bow down to a narrow religious belief. The Supreme Court got it right in roe vs wade. Women have a Constitutional right to equal access to medical care. Those who are anti-abortion are ant-U.S. Constitution. Anti-Abortion supporters are for forcing women to have children. What makes me really sick is those same religious zealots do not care what happens to the children after they are born. Conservative Republicans have been cutting child welfare for decades. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is about revenge and is against the Commandment "Thou shalt not Kill". How can you not know that? " You "Hate" on Democrats. You still have not criticized President Donald Trump for anything. But you have no problem Criticizing any Democrat President. "King Obama" is your chant, but President Donald Trump can elude to staying in office after two terms seem to escape you for you to even mentioning. I stand by my Satan comment. When did Jesus preach lying and deceiving was ok? Satan teaches lying and deceiving among other things.


What scholars do you allegedly quote? None. As far as anyone, whether it be Republicans or Democrats prosecuting Crooked Hillary, how can she be prosecuted when she's eliminated all the evidence. Over 30,000 e-mail's destroyed after her subpoena not counting all the cell phones that they destroyed with hammers. She knew that she could get by with all this because she had Deep State James Comey on her side helping her to cover up all these crimes while she knew that Comey was illegally surveilling a presidential campaign. At any rate, keep posting all your imbecilic, uneducated comments. They sure help all real Americans understand what we don't want in our leaders. By the way, don't forget the Democrats new 2020 campaign slogan. "Abolish the Death Penalty and Kill More Babies"


Just how can you repeat your lies? Hillary Clinton was served with a subpoena for all Benghazi related emails. As for any normal person in the United States her attorney's handled the subpoena. The attorneys for Hillary Clinton went through her emails and submitted.them to the Conservative Republicans he just had to have them for an inquiry based on political motivation. The subpoena was a fact-finding inquiry by the Conservative Republicans on a fishing expedition. Do you know what the inquiry was about? You still defend President Donald Trump and call Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary". You can still look up on the internet the facts and stop lying. Why no charges against Hillary Clinton's lawyers? It has been proven in the investigations, all of them, that it was Hillary Clinton's server company that deleted the emails. It was proven that she neither directed nor ordered the bleaching of her personal server. That is the official on the record account and I am sorry if it blows your Conspiracy minded brain. Many Conservative Republican conspiracy organizations including FOX News pounded into peoples mind that Hillary Clinton erased the personal server or ordered it done. They did this by running constant stories about whatever was said about the emails. What was ignored was that the four previous State Department officials used private servers for personal business. Colin Powell used a personaell server. The Bush/Cheney administration was the first major scandall about private email servers. But the Bush/Cheney email scandalll was not covered much by Conservative Outlets. Those who study these news coverage of scandals had never seen the amount of Conservative Republican coverage of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. A scandel that was politically motivated. What is in doubt is whether there is an actual scandal. The FBI was able to recover Hillary Clinton's server because the Bleach program the server company used was over the counter. The entire server is in FBI hands. 55,000 pages of emails were submitted and reviewed. According to the FBI Hillary Clinton's attorneys gave the FBI thumb drives of Hillary Clinton's emails. Personal and otherwise. Computers from multiple people were scrubbed and Hillary's personal emails were collected. The FBI has Hillary's emails. Even today under President Donald Trump these emails will not be released. Because they were her personal emails. Do you think President Donald Trump would just hand over his personal emails? Everyone who knows the law, that without Hillary Clinton's permission, her emails are private. It would take a decade for a challenge to release personal emails from anyone to go to the Supreme Court. And a Conservative Republican Supreme court would never allow an individuals personal emails to be made public. And the BlackBerrys were destroyed because they could do so. Their was no law against it. Keep the hate going because you make Satan proud. Lying and decieving is his domain. And so you know, Democrats will always defend the woman's Constitutional right to choose and not be enslaved by the government to be forced to sacrafice their life to have children. And how can you defend the Death penalty and then complain babies are being killed. Thank you for proving what I thought. You trump cultist do not know your rear end from a hole in the ground about what is right. Please show me in the Bible where abortion was bad? Show me in the Bible where execution of a prisoner was good? And again look up statistics and who write them. What scholar should I quote so you would at least consider your wrong. What do you think scholar organization do? Do you know what historians do? Like I have stated before you are so eat up with blind hate your brain is damaged. Just keep babbling about emails and the Deep State and every other Conservative Republican conspiracy theory and propaganda story. Just look how many years you have been blabbing about Hillary Clinton and the Conservative Republicans you have trusted have produced nothing. Not even President Donald Trump has been able to do anything to her. Keep choking down the koolaide.


Your post is embarrassing. You've made so many lame comments its hard to refute them all. You proved nothing about Carter's incompetence. You gave no quotes concerning President Trump's alleged hate speech. You accuse me of not using verifiable facts where I post links that prove my facts while you post nothing but BS. You accuse Trump of defying official questions while King Barack claims executive privilege and tells his "Step and Fetch It" Eric Holder not to testify before Congress in the Fast and Furious scandal. As far as Crooked Hillary is concerned any one with any brains at all know that she's a crook or she wouldn't have had her peons take hammers to their cell phones. Show your ignorance and call us cultists if you like. Hillary called us "Deplorables" but it backfired on her. The bottom line is, you've got nothing. Period. Keep up the good work. People like you and your garbage make 2 or 3 more people register Republican everyday.


Get over yourself you post one shot articles by Conservatives that write propaganda. That is not facts. Keep writing your delusional comments. I am sure your make Republicans in office feel proud. of you. That is sarcasm. I am sure you scare them. Your mindless hate and single focus on unsubstantiated crimes of Democrats make you sound like a lunatic. You hate Eric Holder for not testifying and do not mention President Donald Trump's people refusing to testify to Congress. Hypocrite. Bush/Cheneys people refused to testify. President Ronald Reagan had dozens not testify about Iran/Contra. Seek mental therapy and stop the hate. You have never given any fact that could never be countered with a Conservative equivalent. Look up President Donald Trump's hateful quotes. It is all public record. Jimmy Carter's record is public. All you did was give your pathetic opinion. I would trust the scholars then your pathetic opinions. I trust the free press then your delusional and hate-filled opinions. And for your pathetic statement about "Crooked Hillary"(someone you have convicted without charge or trial) Government phones can be turned in or destroyed by the user. This again is public knowledge. And for your peon brain to know. Hillary Clinton had given all info in the subpoena sent by the Conservative Republicans. Had she, not these same Conservative Republicans could have filed a motion to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her attorneys. The fact you beat this dead horse proves you care nothing about facts and instead you just keep repeating Conservative Republican hate propaganda. Why don't you hate on the stupid Conservative Republicans who did not file a correct subpoena? Your blind ignorance of ignoring facts and history proves your a cultist. Try watching speeches about Cultist and then look in the mirror. Try watching videos of KKK members then look in the mirror. Reread your post. I have looked up the facts surrounding Hillary Clinton. You have not written anything that is the truth. Show me where the Conservative Republicans did not receive what they subpoenaed. Explain why they never charged her with contempt for not producing the Subpoenaed items. How many years has it been? Conservatives have had the Attorney Office, FBI, the Congress and Senate, and the Presidency. If your so bright explain why has nothing happened to Hillary Clinton?

LINDA DUV Simply more ignorant blatant falsehoods, lies, propaganda and Democrat spin. Here's a post from the professional liar, Barack Obama, who told so many lies that they can't be counted. Oh, and you can't blow this one off by your pathetic whining about Breitbart or Big League politics. The most embarrassing thing is that you mention hate speech. Hate speech by Kathy Griffin you mean by holding President Trump's head in her hands. Give me one quote from President Trump that could be considered hate speech. The one lemmings like to quote was when he said that all illegals weren't what we wanted in this country. Well, he simply stated facts. They're not. Read the newspaper, look at the statistics. Its embarrassing to read letters like this from people who suffer from a severe and terminal case of TDS.


Blah, Blah, Blah more of your mental illness showing. I do not have to show you anything. There is an internet for you to look up whatever you want. You just refuse to research and make an informed decision. Instead, you vomit conservative Republican propaganda and hate. You call President Barack Obama a professional liar. Compared to President Donald Trump, President Barack Obama is not even an amateur. President Donald Trump has told thousands of lies and you have not acknowledged a single one, but you feel free to claim others are bigger liars. Who is saying that professionally? I showed you President Jimmy Carter was not the worst President ranked by scholars but you never apologized. Now you state foolish statements about hate speech. Look it up. Do not rely on one and done articles. Besides, the majority of Americans want a solution to the illegal immigrant problem but it should be done for all illegals from all over the world. Instead racist has fixated on Mexicans and South Americans. We Americans caused the problems in South America. President Trump refuses to acknowledge that and fix it. Illegals from South America coming into America is not the beginning of a problem but the end result of failed American government foreign policy. Your continued infantile comments are becoming tiresome. I know you are not very educated and small minded. Meaning your world is in a Conservative box. You have repeatedly formulated propaganda and no verifiable facts. Which leads me to believe you just make stuff up and then lie about it. Democrat spin? Mich McConnell after criticizing President Barack Obama for power grabbing for eight years, now lets President Donald Trump do what he wants and says next to nothing about it. And what newspapers do you read that would disagree with what I said? I want to use the same yardstick. Mitch McConnell tore into President Barack Obama during his presidency. Even you called President Barack Obama "KING OBAMA" and yet you say nothing about President Donald Trump who has declared himself above our government. He has defied answering official questions. He has refused to justify his comments and actions. He believes he is not accountable. If Mitch McConnell would not let President Barack Obama act this way, why has he let President Donald Trump? Why do you tolerate it? Is it because of just blind loyalty to a political party or to the man? As far as hate speech, why are you mentioning Kathy Griffin and what she said compared to the hate speech and insults from President Donald Trump? Have you not watched his speeches. Look them up. He called his political opponent a criminal. Hillary Clinton has not been charged with a crime and Donald Trump wanted her locked up. He has called anyone Republican or Democrats losers, stupid and other insults while President. You may want a tabloid pig of a President but I do not want people like him the President of our country. To be President you should be an uniter and not a divider. Insulting people publically while President of the United States of America is disgusting. You Trump cultist are a minority and represent the worst of the American population. I will continue to post my opinions and welcome your slurs and propaganda. I too share your comments with other news outlets and politicians. Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Rand Paul and our Congressman need to know people like you support Trump and hate Democrats. Please keep feeding the beast.

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