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Sgt. 1st Class Kai Waters was involved in a fight with a civilian woman on Feb. 22 at a gas station in Elizabethtown. The Elizabethtown Police Department elected to only arrest Sgt. Waters based upon the evidence available to them at the time – a large edged weapon used to defend herself against a significantly larger civilian opponent. After being lodged in the Hardin County Jail, she was arraigned in court, her case sent to the grand jury and she finally was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Because Sgt. Waters was cleared, the other woman involved in the altercation would be the primary aggressor. I’m one of many local veterans who would like to know her identity so that we can find out for ourselves what, if any, legal due process was initiated against her. This kind of criminal hostility toward our service members is unacceptable.

The media had no problem identifying and smearing Sgt. Waters as a suspect until her innocence was proven by the video. As that same video incriminated the other woman, why hasn’t that woman received the same intensity of media coverage as Sgt. Waters?

I’ve heard discussion that someone feared for the primary aggressor’s safety. Isn’t it more likely that her identity may bring embarrassment to either a prominent family and/or a local business owner?

Some fellow veterans plan to protest this apparent cover up. When I file open records requests with both the Elizabethtown Police Department and the Hardin County Attorney’s Office, we hope to find out who she was and figure out if we have good reason to. As a retired Hardin County deputy sheriff, I find it too strange that the primary aggressor in this incident wasn’t immediately arrested in the courtroom once Sgt. Waters was cleared.

Harry M. Braxton Jr.


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Agree with all of the above but with one question: Has Sgt. Waters agreed to follow up on this or does she wish to put it behind her?

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