School construction taps taxpayers

Ground breaking ceremonies recently were held for two new Hardin County School Board approved schools at an estimated cost to taxpayers of $45 to $50 million.

In its meeting May 16, the Hardin County Board of Education voted to send the proposal to turn Cecilia Valley Elementary into a preschool through eighth-grade campus, back to the planning committee. That proposal would have cost local taxpayers another estimated $13 million. Also approved in the board meeting was a 2 percent pay increase based on experience and a 1 percent cost of living increase for qualified employees. Just these spending projects estimates and the projected pay increase and cost of living increase costs amount to a huge amount of money.

If you will notice, the school board mentioned absolutely nothing about where these additional millions of dollars are going to come from.

Oh, I get it. The board will use its normal routine and wait until the last minute possible to announce they will be raising our property taxes, more than likely the maximum amount allowed by law. That is their usual routine. They want property owning local taxpayers to have as little time as possible to voice their opinions about more taxes.

No matter what, rest assured the grand total of this continuous excessive spending by the Hardin County School Board will be much more than they have chosen to inform us about.

Wonder what the amount of interest will be on the funds they borrow to continue their spending addiction, interest that local taxpayers also are responsible for?

Doesn’t it give you warm feelings in your tummy to know that you reside in a county with an entity such as the Hardin County School Board whose members are so much more intelligent and financially competent that they know so much better than the average citizen on how to spend our hard-earned tax dollars?

Wonder what they would do “if the well went dry” which it would if citizens finally stand united and let this school board know your discontent with their never-ending excessive spending.

Paul Rose


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