Some social policies are hard to bear

A recent letter reminded me of a warning I received on my last vacation to the Smoky Mountains National Park: Don’t feed the bears. Park officials explain doing so only hurts the bears. Once used to living on handouts, they lose their desire to forage along with their fear of humans. This has resulted in bears breaking into cars and homes and attacking people in search of those easy handouts.

The penalty for feeding a bear in the park is a fine up to $5,000 and possible jail time.

My, what a harsh, cruel and socially unjust policy. When it comes to wanting to live on handouts, bears are being held to a higher standard. Instead, we should use the same policies for the bears the Democratic Party has for people over the past 50 years.

First, let’s have the government dig dens for the bears so they too can have public housing. Since male bears abandon the mama bears to raise the cubs on their own, Aid For Sows With Dependent Cubs is needed. As veterinarian care is critical for good health, Medibear For All must be passed. The Democrat controlled House also can pass a bill allowing bears the right to vote in our elections, just like it did for illegal aliens.

This is a clear opportunity for the Democratic Party to do for the bears of our national parks what they have done for the poor people in our major cities such as Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. Just think, instead of relieving themselves in the woods, we might to get to see bears taking a crap in the street just like the vagrants of San Francisco.

Kenneth L. Randall


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KENR: Satire? You call that satire? If anything, your letter is a very weak and flawed analogy. I could explain why, but it would be lost on you. "Stupid is as stupid does," indeed. That's why you idolize a buffoon that writes like he never made it past 5th grade. As in : "Prince of Whales," "Da Democrat Party," etc.


"If all you do is point out negatives about one party and not your own party then your a hypocrite. If you write unsubstantiated lies about one party then your a liar." Does this remind you of anyone, Michael? This quote from you fits you like a tee.


It reminds me of you and your fellow Trump cultist. You post FOX News as facts. When they are FOX columnist opinions. I have tried to get you to understand that, but cultist has a hard time determining fact from fiction. I have discussed very specific problems with President Trump and other issues. You respond with baseless generalizations about Liberals and specific people. You have made it clear by name calling "King Obama" "Crooked Hillary" and use these and other insults to demean every Democrat in the country. Let me be clear my negative comments are directed toward you and your cultist minded companions. I do not think you know your rear end from a hole in the ground about anything. You think opinions are facts and facts depend on which political party states them. President Trump has declared the free press in America is an enemy of his followers. He is correct. Our free press has always stood for truth and justice for all Americans until Donald Trump and his followers denounced them. America will recover from Trump and his cultist. The wheels of justice may move slow but it does get the job done in the end. You can continue to lie and deceive all you want LINDA DUV or whomever you are. I will always challenge your opinions. So keep hating on Liberals.


I am so glad that you admit that you're a liar. I have tried so hard to get you to admit it. You actually post opinion news articles and promote them as facts. You also actually believe the term "fake news" as being literal. You have chosen to ignore the Trump interview in which he explained the term "fake news" is news he considers unflattering. That does not mean the news is actually fake. But you and other cultist have chosen to forget that. That is why you and others make great cultist.


The place that you start with cuts is to do what Governor Bevin has proposed. Tell able bodied adults, without dependents, to get off their dead behind, put the dope and X-box controller down and get a job to qualify for Medicaid. Then we could go from there. Huh-Oh, Ken. Looks like you struck a nerve. Looks like the terminal TDS fellows can't "bear" the facts.


Oh, Great the disciple of President Donald Trump vomits more stupidity. Tell us all cultist how many of these "dead behind" people are there that keeps you up hating them at night? Do you have a number? Or are you just making up very broad numbers to focus your hate? Please inform us of how many able-bodied people are on Medicaid? Governor Matt Bevin initially tried to disenroll over 400,000 Kentuckians off the Medicaid roll and have them reapply and based on the budget Kentucky would only allow only so many people on Medicaid. His evil plan was not based on the needs of Kentuckians but rather on a budget necessity. Is that the plan you favor? Kentucky has many disabled people, the elderly, and children. Governor Matt Bevins plan would have cut these people off the Medicaid plan. Are you saying you agree with his initial plan? A plan approved by the Trump administration. You Conservative Republican cultist are hilarious when you make mountains out of molehills. Please again try researching the things your complaining about. You lump people on the Medicaid plan into the able-bodied lazy, x-box playing group and that is not fair. So Governor Matt Bevin has been in office long enough to state how many dead beats are on Medicaid. So tell us, you disciple of everything Conservative propaganda, how many dead beats are on Kentucky's Medicaid? I am so glad you responded because I got nothing from your comrade in propaganda. And as usual exactly what facts are you bellyaching about. Are you saying people should feed the bears? Please do that. Go down there walk into the woods and feed the bears. Take all of your Conservative friends.


Wow, now you want to bash laws to protect bears from idiot humans who do not understand bears are wild animals. Are you really trying to bash Democrats by comparing wildlife policies to government public policies? I hate to burst your Conservative Republican cult mind but Conservative Republicans in office have done very little to curb actual aid to the general public. The fat has been cut to the bone over the last three decades. And yet people like you still complain about public aid policies. What public aid policies do you want to cut? Aid to children? Aid to the elderly or disabled? Why don't you put a great big sign in front of your business bashing Democrats as you do in your opinions to the News Enterprise? I think it would be good for your business. At least people would know who they are doing business with. Again instead of blaming Democrats for public aide policies why don't you just say what you want to cut? Conservative Republicans for the first two years of President Donald Trump's administration has held the Congress, Senate, and White House and did nothing to solve the problems you want to blame Democrats for doing. Why have they not made the cuts that people like you like to complain about? Because people like you are stuck in a world of blame Democrats for everything and leave Conservative Republicans unaccountable. When have you written a letter blaming Conservative Republicans for anything? Do you believe Senator Mitch McConnell should stand up to President Donald Trump's power grab?


MICHAEL, Your troll comments remind me of the great quote from Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does". I have often heard that youth is wasted on the young. You prove without question that satire is wasted on the stupid. You probably thought Jonathan Swift actually wanted the Irish to sell their infants to the English to eat. Oh, since you embrace abortion as part of your party's dogma, I guess that would be OK with you as well.


Ah, are you really calling me a troll after your letters? What a hypocrite. You wrote the statement you can eat the criticism. Why is it that you cultist want to backtrack to "it was sarcasm" when you make ridiculous comments and associations between subject material? You continue to write about Democrats yet never write about Republicans. Why is that? If all you do is point out negatives about one party and not your own party then your a hypocrite. If you write unsubstantiated lies about one party then your a liar. You and your fellow cronies never provide proof of your opinions. You just write pathetic comments about whoever comments about your "opinion". "Stupid is as stupid does," I say back at you. I am rubber and you are glue! Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! My stance on abortion is my personal belief. Unlike you and your mindless cultist, I do not follow the Democrat party as a slave. But after talking to you I recognize you only believe people like yourself are the only free thinkers in America. You really think highly of yourself. Some would say your self-pride would be a sin. And when it comes to abortion, please show the factual religious dogma behind stopping someones Constitutional right to getting an abortion. Please show me in the Bible where it is discussed? Why did no one in the Bible or other religious texts mention it? Why should we as Americans follow religious doctrine from religious zealots who have only been around for around 150 years? Are you one of these religious zealots who think Donald Trump is anointed by God? Do you believe GOD is a Conservative Republican? I have read many posts from Conservative Republicans who do believe these false beliefs. Have you read Linda Duv posts? I guess you two are just two peas in a pod. I guess you're correct "stupid is as stupid writes". Keep writing satire because as a subject matter writer your very sub par.


is that you kenneth randal?

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