No valid claim to moral high ground

After reading the letter to the editor in Thursday’s paper, my first reaction was: Really?

The letter’s title “Truth, character don’t seem to matter” better describes today’s Democratic Party leaders. It was written as if the Democratic Party had the moral high ground. Gee, isn’t that the same party that started a war to protect the right to own slaves? Didn’t they use segregation, Jim Crow Laws and the KKK to oppress black people after they had been freed? And having lost those battles, they now embrace abortion which has claimed more than 50 million unborn lives since Roe vs. Wade. Please explain to me how killing an unborn child is compassionate, shows empathy or demonstrates moral values. I would ask the same about keeping people dependent on taxpayer-funded handouts.

The attack on President Donald Trump is good for a laugh. I have witnessed a quarter century of corruption by Democratic leaders such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and later Barack Obama. But I have yet to hear a word of protest from the mainstream media or people like this letter writer.

But this only proves a point raised in another letter written by Scott Kennedy: Democrats believe they can do no wrong.

Patrick M. McElvaney


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WOW! Your opinion seems to suggest Conservatives can do no wrong. You mentioned none of them in your rant. And when it comes to abortion, why do conservatives want to enslave women to have children. Having a child is a life and a death decision for the woman. But people like you want to be held harmless for those women who you will enslave and let die for your religious fantasies. Abortion has been around for over five thousand years in all civilizations. Jesus nor his disciples nor the Bible nor the church spoke against it until the late 1800s when a religious sect or fanatics joined with the doctors of a new AMA who were trying to stop midwives from doing births and abortions. These two groups found sympathetic Congressman and Senators who outlawed abortions. Roe vs Wade gave the decision back to families and women. These attacks on abortion rights are against the law of the land. But Conservatives are using it for political power. Conservatives are no better or holier than anyone else. In fact, I consider these attacks on abortion as blasphemy. Corrupt men and women who are corrupting the teachings of Christ with this phony crusade against abortion. These people are children of the beast. When did Jesus declare lying was good if done in his name? Thou shall not kill is a lame excuse. Once a child is born American society let them die. We don't even care for the mother during pregnancy. Where has the Holy Conservative party been? Perhaps chipping away at programs designed to help families and mothers? But that is what you meant about those receiving benefits. You do not like them and demean them. You believe social programs are a Democrat ploy to get voters as if people can not make up their own mind. Well, Social programs really took off in the 1960s when Republicans allowed corporations to dump pension plans before the people could claim them. Millions of hardworking Americans who worked their entire lives to see their pension taken from them. The federal government instead of punishing these evil corporations(thank you again Republicans) they created welfare plans that have been growing. The fastest growing demographics has been rural white woman with children. Now thanks to Donald Trump American farmers are now on government welfare. Is that not what you Conservatives called President Obama's bailout of the banks? Government welfare.
Conservatives and Democrats have both failed America at times but these Trump cultist who worships Trump and blames only Democrats is ridiculous. President Obama turned the economy around after eight years of Bush/Cheney failed policies. We, Democrats, listened to the Conservative propaganda about President Obama and the fake Hillary Clinton investigations. Now you cultist of Trump completely ignore what Donald Trump says and does. You people may want a tabloid President who demeans the Presidency by name-calling and lying. Again when did Jesus Christ say lying was good. Only one kind of preaching lying is good and greed is good. That is the beast. Those who practice his teachings are the children of the beast.

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