Truth, character don’t seem to matter

After promising myself never to write another letter, I just couldn’t help myself and have to answer a couple of points Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Randall made.

Republicans seem to think poverty is a character flaw. Did you ever contemplate that you need a car to get to a job and a job to get a car? It is a vicious cycle. There are jobs available but what good does it do if you have no transportation? He seems to think all people on welfare are lazy moochers. His attitude is the same as a former Republican letter writer who suggested to treat all those “lazy, useless welfare recipients” like ducks at Freeman Lake. Don’t feed them and they will go away. The ugliest thing on this planet is a human without empathy.

Fear is not why Democrats do not like Trump. We just despise a habitual liar and braggart who goes after anybody in his Twitter tirades who does not agree with him. The Republicans have lost their spine and they are the ones who are trembling in fear of this wannabe dictator. Democrats are not stuck with old ideas like the Republican Party. We have visions that include all citizens, not just the megarich and corporations. Have you forgotten who pulled us out of the worst recession ever? Of course it was a Democrat who pulled us from the brink of the abyss the Republicans created.

The Republican Party needs a name change. It is no more recognizable.

Truth, morals and character do not count anymore.

Birgit Polston


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Good job.

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