Offering details in response to letter

Here’s a quick response to Sherry Kelley’s letter published on Wednesday:

The first point was on right-to-work laws passed during Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration. Knowing how detail-oriented liberals are when dealing with actual facts, I’d love to see the numbers justifying the statement that pay is half or less in RTW states. Probably the same source used to go on a collusion witch hunt against President Donald Trump. I’m sure, when Gov. Steve Beshear was in office, numerous economic plans never made it to fruition. That’s the nature of big business. But in the liberal mind set, Democrats can do no wrong and Republicans can do nothing right.

Gov. Bevin is using the economic revival created by Trump nationally to benefit Kentucky with low unemployment and wages rising, especially at the lower end of the spectrum.

One alarming statistic is the number of jobs available. Where are the applicants? After years of give-away programs by Barack Obama, and also here in Kentucky, too many people have no desire to make their own way in life – just sit back and let the government take care of all your needs.

Kelly’s letter said Gov. Beshear passed a bill in 2013, favored by a Republican, that fixed the pension crisis. Must be a slow fix, since Kentucky still ranks in the bottom five for pension liabilities. Prior to this “miracle cure” in 2013, the previous 25 years of Democratic control never addressed the problem. As usual, liberals ignore historical facts.

Gov. Bevin and President Trump have similar pedigrees, being self-made men. They are businessmen first, politicians second. Neither one will dazzle you with his oratorical skills. What they are, and Obama and Beshear were not, are doers. They know how to get things done and have little patience for incompetence.

Who do you want leading your state and your country? Men willing to tackle serious problems head on or milquetoast politicians coddling to their base?

Scott Kennedy


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Michael, I understand exactly how government works and I understood everything that you said in your post. I simply don't agree with your assessments. No more to it than that.
Scott, I think that you see what I meant now.


Why do you not agree with my assessment? That is the point of these discussion forums. But you do not discuss you take a person political affiliation and claim they are distorting facts. My agenda is to present facts and give my opinion. I have done so many times. You then ridicule my position. I have no doubt based on your post that you truly hated on President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. That you gave your hate filled opinion about them as often as you could. To this day you are still doing it. Did you blame Bush/Cheney and the Republicans for the financial meltdown that President Barack Obama inherited and fixed? Or did you blame Obama and Democrats? Do you believe President Donald Trump has told over 10,000 public lies? Do you agree with the tariff war? Do you believe tariffs are a hidden tax on the public? If you do not believe my assessments then what do you believe?


Excellent letter, Scott. The accompanying post is a good, non-partisan review of how the pension system got in the shape its in. While Fletcher didn't do his job, no one else did either. Depending upon whom is doing the talking, the moves that the Democrats made in 2013 will reduce the pension deficit about one tenth to one half of one percent in 10 years. Useless. Last but not least Fletcher had a Democrat House which would do nothing to help with the issue. In fact, the Democrats controlled the House every year from the 1920's to 2015. In the previous 46 years from 2015, the Democrats controlled the Governor's Office except for 4 years. So for anyone to say that a Republican governor who was in office for 4 years caused all this pension crisis is extremely disingenuous. You'll find, Scott, that there are people out there who take the facts and distort them to fit their narrative.


Again your lack of knowledge about how government works has hindered you from understanding my opinion letter. I mentioned those previous Democrats used funds from the pension plan, but they also put the money back and kept funding the pension plan at over 100%. Ernie Fletcher decided to change the Pension plan board. This allowed his friends the third party consultants to recommend Hedge Funds that were not good investments. On one hedge fund, Kentucky was the major investor. The Kentucky pension lost money big time. The third party people made a fortune. Kentucky lost billions because of Ernie Fletcher's investment scam. Governor Steve Beshear reorganized the board and signed a bill to stop the 3rd party investor strategy. But the damage was down. The problem is how to find revenue to make up the losses. You can't invest your way out of the hole. You need additional dedicated revenue. But these are the times when Democrats and Republicans will not work together. Democrats want new taxes and casino gaming. Republicans want to cut benefits and reduce future pension benefits for new employees.
As far as Democrats holding majorities and should have solved the pension problem the Republican minority held up all solutions using procedure maneuvers. That is politics.
Matt Bevin has used his authority to change the pension board and to go back to third-party investment brokers. Many who used to work for the Hedge funds that lost Kentucky pension money before.


All that you have displayed in your letter is absolute hate for Liberals(Democrats). You have denounced everything they have done and do now. You fling the word liberal as a curse word or a derogatory term.
First Donald Trump is all image and no substance. His numerous failures have proven that. He was not self-made since his millionaire father infused him with cash. Bevins story about his upbringing is very questionable.
Bevins was born in Denver Colorado and was raised in Shelburne, New Hampshire. He earned a degree at Washington and Lee University a private liberal arts university in Lexington, Virginia in 1989. He then joined the Army for four years and left as a Captain. He spent six years as an investment businessman. Integrity Holdings LLC has had many tax problems in the past. Instead of owning up to his tax problem, Matt Bevin blamed Democrats for bringing it up. In 1999 Matt Bevins moved to Louisville Kentucky. and in 2001 he took over as president of his families company Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company. The bell company had been around since 1832. This, to me, brings in a very different life history about Matt Bevin then the one he appears in his commercials. His family had more money than the vast majority of Kentuckians and yet he discusses how poor his family was. He is not a self-made man. Like Trump, it was his family that backed his life.
Your assessment of Kentucky Governors is not correct. If you want to talk Kentucky pension history then look up Governor Ernie Fletcher. He was the first Governor to start underfunding the pension plan. The previous Democrat Governors had borrowed from the pension fund and used a very conservative investment strategy. But they made payments into the fund at over 100%. Ernie Fletcher changed the Pension board and had the investment strategy changed to high yields. Unfortunately for Kentucky Ernie Fletcher's new Conservative Republican investment board used middlemen to make investment strategies. These people invested the pension plan into risky Hedge funds that failed to provide the return they advertised. One reason was the Hedge fund relied on the Kentucky Pension money as their principal investor. The third parties the Conservative Republican Board used were former employees of this hedge fund. Ernie Fletcher began under-funding the pension plan. He was the first Governor in Kentucky to do that.
Governor Steve Beshear took over this mess and remade the Pension board and signed the 2013 Kentucky Public Pension Protection and Modernization Act. This act stopped the bleeding of Kentucky's Pension system. What has hurt the Pension plan is no new revenue sources to start to fill in the debt hole.
Governor Matt Bevin has taken a different approach he has re-instituted the third party investment groups and we again pay fees to those who have lost the Kentucky pension money before in risky Hedge funds. Matt Bevin is not looking for new revenue source but cuts to benefits and the removal of the current pension methodology. These employees have already served Kentucky and deserve the pensions they earned. Cutting benefits is not right or fair.
Do you actually believe liberals(Democrats) are the problem?

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