Let’s sort out questions about spying

What will the Democrats do now that Robert Mueller’s report has been completed with no problem found with the president? One group wants to continue on the road to impeaching the president. Committee chairmen Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff are some of the representatives supporting this while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not seem to be for it.

One of the things that have occurred is that William Barr has become the attorney general, replacing Jeff Sessions. This seems to have gotten the Democrats’ attention big time. He has experience as he has held the job previously for a different president and therefore has a track record, and is a long-time friend of Mr. Mueller, and is considered a straight shooter.

Mr. Mueller’s report was delivered to Mr. Barr his supervisor, and he delivered it to Congress and the public with some parts redacted to satisfy the law.

Later it came up that Mr. Barr the AG had some unresolved questions and this seemed to cause some excitement for some people especially the Democrats.

Were American citizens spied upon, and if so, was it done legally? When was the spying started? Why was Candidate Trump not informed by the FBI about someone in his campaign? Who authorized the spying? This has brought a lot of excitement from/about the intelligence agencies.

Mr. Barr has since taken action with the supervisors of NSA and the CIA. I would expect ongoing action at Fort Meade and Langley, and he has taken action with John H. Durham a U.S. attorney. It appears Mr. Barr is preparing to find out who did the spying and indeed if they done it legally. Good. We don’t need any presidential or security campaign to go through this again.

We need it done correctly, and if not done correctly, we may need some punishment dished out and the rules changed so it never will happen again. Think about that for a minute

Bill Beckerdite


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First of all, I don't agree that Barr's report differs from Mueller's. Barr was steadfast, and still is, that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Mueller even admits to that. Barr also said that there was no evidence that Trump obstructed justice. Mueller does not disagree with that conclusion. Mueller's last little news conference was murky to say the least. He got up and said, basically, "Well, I'm really not sure about this or that." Huh? After 2 years and God knows how many million dollars that you've blown on a witch hunt and you can't give a definitive answer? Incompetence or stupidity, take your pick.


Well. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not but AG Barr is doing just that.


AG Barr's head is on the chopping block. He will be another disgraced cabinet post-President Donald Trump has failed to fill honorably. How many of his cabinet has been replaced, fired or quit? Nearly all of them has been disgraced. As the Conservative Republicans in the Congress and Senate realize Donald Trump has done more harm than good his cabinet will continue to fail. AG Barr is going to have to explain why his evaluation of the Mueller report differs from what Mueller has said publically. Does that cause you to wonder how this can happen?



Just one article on the Deep State. I've got plenty more where this came from.


Are you kidding me? Big League Politics is an American far-right media website founded by former Breitbart News employees. The site was announced in 2017 an investigative outfit. In early 2018, Big League Politics was acquired by Mustard Seed Media which is owned by Reilly O'Neal and Noel Fritsch. How can this be considered an informative site? Why would anyone believe a "far right wing" web site? It is as silly as a "far left wing" web site. You hate "left wing" web sites and really hate "far left-wing" web sites. You say they lie. Well, guess what, "far right wing" web sites lie also. I do not trust these sites who promote conspiracies and propaganda. Why do you? If anything in that conspiracy propaganda article was true, do you actually believe the entire Conservative Republican party would have done nothing? What has the Conservative party done based on this fantasy?


Great article, Bill. I've read Mueller's report and he totally cleared the Trump campaign of any Russian collusion. The fake news network CNN admits that. As far as obstruction is concerned his statements were that he could not prove obstruction on Trump's part. Period. Anyone with any knowledge of the law knows that if a prosecutor can't prove a crime, they can't charge someone with a crime. BTW. If a crime of collusion has NOT been committed, as the Mueller report states, how can anyone obstruct an investigation if a crime has not been committed. The radical left Democrats know that they've got nothing. Pelosi knows that. This is all political posturing as it has been since President Trump was elected to undermine a legitimately elected president, not only by the Democrats but the Deep State DOJ, CIA, NSA and others.


So sad that you continue down this path. Mueller just said if Donald Trump was innocent he would have said that. Your tolerance for Conservative Republican wrongdoing is great. Your intolerance for Democrats perceived wrongdoing is great also. As Mueller just declared the reason for not charging Donald Trump had more to do with the law that says you can not Charge a sitting President. Donald Trump was not declared innocent but rather unprosecutable. What a law-abiding Congress or Senate could do is charge the President and proceed with impeachment. But Conservatives only believe Democrats should be investigated. You truly know nothing of this whole ordeal. "Deep State" you are so eat up with delusional hate. There is no "DEEP STATE" this was Conservative Republican propaganda started by Bannon and FOX News. Our entire Justice system would need to be in on this conspiracy. DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA and all the sub-bureaus. Where is any evidence of the existence of the "DEEP STATE"? Are you telling us that these Conservatives cannot find any proof of this "DEEP STATE"? Can you show us something beyond a conspiracy theory? You radical right Conservatives are sure gullible about Conspiracies. What other conspiracies are you upset about?


Have you not read the Mueller report? In no way was Donald Trump ever declared innocent. What was confirmed was Trump's unsuccessful attempts to fire those who were investigating him. That some of his White House staff would not lie for him. That is test book obstruction of Justice.
What Mueller said was that if Donald Trump was innocent they would have said so. But they could not declare innocent. The legal issue is if Donald Trump could be charged with a crime while President. Anyone who says Donald Trump is innocent is either a cult member or just corrupt.

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