America being helped, not ripped apart

This is in reply to Mr. Jack Herrmann’s letter to the editor published Friday, May 10: “Nation being torn apart by Trump.” It makes some not nice and not true statements about our president such as “he’s breaking our great country apart.” We have heard it all before.

Now for the facts and the good news but because I only get 350 words, I can’t cover them all.

The unemployment rate is 3.6 percent. That’s the lowest since 1969 says CNN business reporter Christine Romans. There have been half a million manufacturing jobs created during the Trump administration.

A CNN poll conducted by SSRS April 25-28: 56 percent approve of Trumps handling of the economy up from 48 percent in February.

Key findings concerning annual report to Congress on White House office personnel:

President Trump has donated his salary to a variety of government-related causes including a Veterans’ Affairs caregivers support program, the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program and a children’s science, technology, engineering and math camp.

Total White House salaries under Trump are $35.8 million versus $60.9 million under Barack Obama.

Thirty-nine fewer staffers dedicated to first lady. Michelle Obama had 25 staffers. Melania Trump has only 10.

Some other key points that are most important to me are Trump continues our battle to defend the unborn and stop the murdering of innocent babies. He continues to defend Christian values. He continues the battle against illegals entering our country and receiving benefits that our own people can’t get.

This doesn’t sound like Trump is tearing our nation apart to me.

Jerry M. Cooke


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Nailed it, Jerry. Good job.


Do you actually believe America is being helped? Donald Trump has almost added a trillion dollars a month to the deficit. Had President Barack Obama did that what would you have said? Donald Trump has put the American Farmer on Government Welfare because of his unforced Tariff war. You do know Donald Trump's Tariff war is an undeclared tax on the American people. That Donald Trump has canceled Trade deals and has only renegotiated NAFTA. The new NAFTA did not do much for America and is not much different. Donald Trump has allowed China to dominate the new trade deals in the Pacific. While China is head of the new Pacific trade block. Donald Trump thinks he will build trade agreements with individual countries. To date, he has failed to sign up one country. In Europe, he has denounced and insulted every one of our long term trade partners. In South America, Donald Trump has allowed every South American country to negotiate trade with China and Russia. This has prevented American businesses to negotiate deals in South America. In Africa, Donald Trump has angered every African Country and Corporation. Instead of America, Africa is making deals with China because of Donald Trump's attitude.
Unemployment was going down under President Barack Obama. How does unemployment mean that this country is not dividing? How does any of your opinions about finances relate to a dividing America?
We as Americans no longer trust in the press because of Donald Trump's "FAKE NEWS" crusade. He watches FOX News but insults CNN and other news agencies. He defends and promotes FOX News, Breitbart, and Sinclair. But when asked Donald Trump refuses to defend his comments and charges. Why? Donald Trump can definitely talk but can not back up his attacks and name-calling. If you have proof of his "Fake News" conspiracy theory please provide. I consider FAKE NEWS networks like Fox News.


Crime has risen under Donald Trump's reign. Hate in America has risen. Hate groups have grown in America. Democrats and Republicans are coming to open warfare. Conservatives and liberals can now be considered hate groups. Donald Trump has done nothing to bring this Nation together. He vilifies Democrats and calls people names. Nearly daily. He wants to lock up democrats. He has declared his biker supporters to be pretty tough characters and Democrats should not mess with him. I do not understand your rant. Because unemployment has continued down is not related to whether this nation is becoming more divided. Really you made no points to support your premise about America not becoming more divided.
Democrats do not agree with Donald Trump's tax and spend deficit increasing policies. The GOA has declared last years Trump tax break for the rich a success. It failed to do what Conservatives said it would do. Low unemployment has been going down since President Barack Obama's Presidency. But that is not a point about divisiveness in America.
If you want to show valid points about America not being divided by Donald Trump's comments and policies I would like to see them. Of course, all I have is Donald Trump's name calling and comments and his poor policies.

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