Opinions are not the same as facts

Kenneth L. Randall’s opinion “Judge Andy Beshear by his actions” was very insulting to Andy Beshear. All he did was say, “Judge this man based on things I do not like.” His argument is a typical political cultist point of view. Whether Conservative Republican, Republican, Liberal Democrat or Democrat, fanatics of each group believe they are absolutely right about their opinions. But it is still their opinion and not facts.

Andy Beshear is a Democrat running against a Con­ser­vative Republican Matt Bevin. If Randall wants to discuss values and character. let us discuss the fact Matt Bevin tried to disenroll 400,000 Kentuckians off Medicaid and have them reapply using a system not yet created. Is that common sense? Take the money away and then create a new system.

Also, I have yet to see any numbers from Bevin’s office as to how many able-bodied Kentuckians are on Medicaid that needs to be thrown out of the system. Perhaps Randall will let us know since he is promoting the Conservative Republican propaganda talking point. All other states who took Bevin’s plan for Medicaid have failed their state’s Medicaid recipients. They canceled people from the Medicaid aid who were supposed to get the aid.

I see no Kentucky values in Matt Bevin’s Medicaid assaults. Kentucky has had a rural farming family economy for generations. We raised tobacco and had coal mining industries. But things change. Bevin ran on a platform to reform Medicaid and to fix the pension plan. He failed on both. He has had the state House and Senate and there are no solution to these issues. But Randall wants to smear Andy Beshear instead of criticizing Conservative Republicans running this state.

Matt Bevin wants to push people off Medicaid not because they need it but because he does not want to pay for it. When he was elected, we were a poor state. You do not get pensions for farming. Budgeting people off aid is wrong and un-Christian.

Michael Wilson


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Oh, I forgot to answer your infantile question. My apologies. If you can read this link, which by the way was easy to find, you'll see that no one really can estimate how many free loaders will drop off Medicaid if Gov. Bevin can enact his request. As you can see the number of 95,000 has been estimated but I feel that figure is too high. We DO KNOW, as the article states, that the state of Arkansas lost 18,000 free loaders after they enacted an almost identical practice in Arkansas. Its just too bad that an Obama Democrat judge, Boasberg, has delayed requests by several states to enact these important changes to Medicaid, burdening taxpayers to pay these free loaders to sit at home.


Well, you have proven again to promote opinions as facts as long as it fits your agenda. Before you promote a plan to remove these so-called freeloaders would it not be common sense to see how many freeloaders there are before you start disenrolling people from Medicaid? Governor Bevin did not seek data to prove a need to disenroll people from Medicaid. As long as you can promote your opinions of the freeloader conspiracy theory you do not care if good people get hurt by Governor Matt Bevins reckless plan. As first stated Matt Bevins original plan was to just disenroll 400,000 Kentuckians and have them all reapply. How was that fair? And as for the so-called 18,000 freeloaders removed from the Arkansas Medicaid, how many were real people in real need for help? Arkansas officials are trying to correct their failures. Your free-loader BS is at the heart of the Conservative Republican so-called values. The truth is the words "DO NOT KNOW" should be tattooed on your forehead, because you really do not know much of anything about anything. You just said the Bevin administration does not know how many so-called free-loaders are on the Kentucky State Medicaid program but is willing to harm many Kentuckians that deserve Medicaid. The truth is Conservative Republicans like you seem to think social programs are a waste of taxpayer money. That is until you get sick and lose your jobs then you scream give me, give me, give me. You people actually believe the majority of people on government social programs are liberals. If a Conservative Republican draws government aid then they are not really Conservatives. Keep being yourself because many Conservative Republicans are waking up to the fact that Trump cultist like you are a threat to the political party.


Not a problem and I appreciate all your whining about our factual letters. I also appreciate you sending our letters to whomever in hopes they'll see how unhinged and unstable you are and rest assured I've done the same with you.

As far as Bevin disenrolling 400,000 people, no attempt was ever made to do that. Prove it. You can't. More lies. I reiterate, an embarrassing LTE full of lies.


How embarrassing that you are incapable to type in Matt Bevin, Medicaid and 400,000. But willful ignorance and plausible deniability is the way of Trump Cultist. "I KNOW NOTHING" is the rallying cry of you people. And I certainly hope you pass around my comments maybe your people will learn something. Again anytime you would like to meet at the News-Enterprise and discuss these issues in person I would like to. Personally I would like to include the entire Editorial staff, the Mayor and city leaders to join in. But I know your kind. Hiding behind your computer screen and posting your opinions is all you can accomplish. I am trying to organize a public debate with you, DONO, Randall and Lanny Vincent. Because lies and hate has become to prominent in politics. The reason is to many horrible people hide and post lies and deceptions. Politicians no longer meet with their constituents. They tweet or make statements and runaway. Mitch McConnell is not called the turtle for nothing. Governor Bevin has ignored request to meet with a group of us Democrat voters since he has been in office. Rand Paul has refused. Brett Guthrie has refused. John Yarmuth has refused. You can continue to hide and troll and watch America rot under corrupt politics and hate, but some people are trying to break the cycles. You obviously have chosen all in on Conservative Republican Evangelical White Nationalist Trump Cultist politics. You comletely disregard all other opinions and solutions.

Unemployment has been going down steadely since President Barack Obama. The deficit was going down under Obama. The economy was growing. Wages were increasing. The Southern Border had fewer illegal alien crossings. Violance was down. Hate crimes were down. Now, part of the economy is growing. Farming exports are down 16% and farm bankruptcies are up. Farmers are on government handouts. The Steel and Aluminum industries are subsidies by the taxpayers. The coal,natural gas and oil industries are in disaray as consolidation is the primary goal. Again more government welfare with taxpayer money. China has cancelled all American farmer imports. As of now the Trump administration is begging India and other countries to buy more American Farm products. But they have their own farm industries to protect. More countries in the world have modernized their own Farm Industries. President Donald Trump has seriously damaged the U.S economy. Here in Kentucky we are loosing family farms. We are loosing market shares for Boubon. But Governor Matt Bevins puts politics before the needs of Kentucky. We are very fortunate to live in Hardin County. About 15% of Hardin county population lives under the poverty level. We have a 120 counties in Kentucky and we have great regions, good regions and bad regions. Eastern Kentucky has counties with unemployment over 7% and others over 10%. Too many people in this county and Larue county think the entire state is like their own counties. It is not even close. The incoming factory jobs Conservative Republicans want to brag about only affect already affluent regions. Governor Matt Bevins and his cabinet has avoided eastern Kentucky and westernn Kentucky. You can blow economic all is well smoke all you want, but Matt Bevin is doing the same as previous Democrat governors except Governor Matt Bevin's tax plan is for short term econimic gain and the tax payer will pay for it later. The factory jobs coming in has a price tag. The tax benefits and Kentucky government specials have not been released. Why?

Again I would love to debate you and the others in a public forum.


Again I am sorry you can not or will not think. Matt Bevin said he wanted to withdraw from the Medicaid expansion which is from the ACA he hates. The Medicaid expansion added 400,000 to Kentucky's Medicaid rolls. Anyone making 138% of the poverty line about $16,000 would get access to free or low-cost healthcare under Obamacare. So Bevins submitted his request to withdraw from the Medicaid Expansion which would remove the 400,000 people on Medicaid because of the expansion. So please explain to me how this was not true? You really need to apologize for calling people liars when you do not understand what you're talking about.


Dang. Mr. Wilson sounds just like Jussie. One lie right after another. The statement that Matt Bevin tried to disenroll 400,000 people off Medicaid is a bare faced lie. The only thing that Bevin did was attempt to get able bodied people without dependents to either get a job or perform some type of public service to be eligible for Medicaid. Who could possibly have an issue with that? Oh wait a minute, the Democrats, who kowtow to all these people may actually lose some voters. So sad. So. leave it to the Democrats to support people who are too lazy to get off their lazy butts, put the X-box controller down and quit smoking dope long enough to get a job or do something constructive. What an embarrassing Letter to the Editor.


Thank you again for proving my opinions. Your pathetic hate-mongering is displayed by your every comment. Between you and DONO and Randall, this county and city is getting a bad name. I have collected all your post and theirs and have forwarded them to the owners of the paper and the mayor and city council as well as the prominent politicians of the area.

In regards to the recent conservative Republican mass shootings, I have also sent the FBI all of the comments I have collected on all of your Conservative Republican hate mongers and promoters. You never know which of you will become unhinged next over your hate.

As far as the "people who are too lazy to get off their lazy butts, put the X-box controller down and quit smoking dope long enough to get a job or do something constructive" rant you made. How many people of the 400,000 Matt Bevin did indeed try to remove from Kentucky Medicaid fits your description? Randall ran away and never answered. Matt Bevin nor his administration has answered the same question. How can you make the plan to reform Kentucky Medicaid without knowing who is on Kentucky Medicaid? Everyone who applies is screened for eligibility. So how many are scamming Kentucky and how are they doing it? You and other Conservative Republicans who vomit your personal opinions, like you just did have no facts to back them up. Because these political lies are just that lies. Matt Bevins since he has been in office has not produced any data he was correct in his mass to disenroll plan was warranted. Not one report or data. Just lip service. And since you say I lied about the 400,000 number I challenge you to prove me wrong. My facts come from the press and government both federal and state offices who were asked to process Matt Bevins request. He wanted to disenroll over 400,000 Kentuckians and have them reapply a model other states took before the plan blew up in their faces. Because Matt Bevins chose not to follow through does not mean he did not try.

Again thank you for being you.

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