Red flag bills have bipartisan backing

I do not disagree with the message of Allen Alfreds’ recent letter commenting on proposed “red flag” legislature and I think he does a great job at explaining the ways in which such a policy can be abused. The main issue with it, though, is how partisan the letter is. I’m going to go on a limb and assume that he believes that it’s only the Democrats that are supporting such a policy. That isn’t true.

It would benefit Alfreds and many Republicans to recall that earlier in this year, and not too long after the shooting sprees in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, three Kentucky state senators introduced Senate Bill 244, which is a red flag bill. The bill, although currently sponsored only by Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey, was introduced with the help of two Republicans: Julie Raque Adams and Paul Hornback.

Bipartisan red flag laws aren’t exclusive to Kentucky. Remember when U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said he would offer a bipartisan red flag bill alongside U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal? How about when Don­ald Trump brought the idea of such a law up after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, Florida?

It is rather laughable to claim red flag laws are another Democrat assault on the Second Amendment, when so many Republicans are pushing for the same thing. These types of laws have strong support on both sides of the aisle and the idea of Matt Bevin signing Senate Bill 244 into law wouldn’t be too far fetched, in my opinion.

If you want a governor who actually will veto this red flag bill, I encourage you to vote for the Libertarian candidate, John Hicks, for governor Nov. 5.

Taylor Caskey


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Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy. They emphasize freedom of choice and individual judgement. How can your candidate for governor possibly support government intrusion into our second amendment rights? Red flag laws are government infringement through force to stop a citizen from making their own decisions and to own the very means they need to protect themselves.

Admit it. You appear to be a big government democrat who is totally confused or is deliberately attempting to confuse people.


WOW, DONO nothing trying to use a book definition to describe a political party. Let us define Conservatives: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion. Wow, Conservatives are not innovators and do not like change. And yet they want to change the Constitution on the second amendment. Per the Constitution, only a Governor of a state can legally form a militia. Americans call it the National Guard. And yet, Conservatives leaning anit-American government, have formed private militias. Since President Donald Trump's election, the number of illegal militias has tripled. Now please explain this government intrusion into our second amendment? And for your information, the government makes decisions all the time for us Americans because before we had detailed laws citizens hunted each other down and shot people in the face over any disagreements. Now you people who wish to live by the gun and die by the gun want to turn back the clock and go back to those old ways. The vast majority of real Americans are sick of gun crimes and mass shootings. And yet you people prevent any reasonable gun legislation to be voted upon. Mitch McConnell has made sure no legislation has come up to vote. And Donald Trump flip-flops his position depending on the day of the week. Violence with guns is up and mass shootings are up and he does nothing with the rest of the Conservatives. For political freedom "we the people" should get a vote. But Conservatives will not allow the Majority to get a voice. Let the people get an up or down vote on gun legislation.

Admit it! You appear to be for a small-minded government that lies to the American people. Mitch McConnell's political force is not allowing the voices of the majority of Americans to be heard. He willfully and with malice toward the majority of Americans is keeping gun control legislation in committees and will not let it come to a vote. Is that not wrong? We the people of America need protection from these gun worshipers and violent Americans. We need protection from you gun nut jobs who believe 30/60/90 round clips and 100 and 200 round drums are great home security. If we are going to follow what you nut jobs call the meaning behind the actual Second Amendment about private citizens owning a firearm then that firearm should be those of the time of the Second Amendments writing. Have fun with your flintlocks. But the truth of the second Amendment was that gun ownership was for the formation of a state militia. We have the National Guard so that point is mute. But the logic of the law was that Citizens would have their own gun to bring to join the militia. That is the problem of the Second Amendment. It counteracts itself. What is the problem of the Second Amendment today is the definition of guns. Can the government regulate what kind of firearms private citizens can own? That discussion is what the Pro-Second Amendment people want to not happen. They believe the Government should have no say into what kind of gun a citizen has nor how many. They believe that but that is in itself a violation of self-rule. "We the people" are asking our government to have this conversation. Pro-Second Amendment citizens are asking their representatives do not have this conversation. Why? What good is our Democracy if Conservatives will not let it work?

And to pop your tiny bubble again. America is a big nation with over 300 million people and a global economic system. A big government comes with the size of the Nation. Ranting about this big government issue makes you people very small-minded and unrealistic. Currently, the Conservative idea of a big government is to reduce the staff size of government employees. Thus they reduce the effectiveness of the government. Conservatives have claimed the reduction in redundancy among government offices is reducing big government. That is another Conservative lie. The redundancies were removed decades ago. What Conservatives have done is put gaps into how the government runs which causes government services breakdown. Innovation was making our government streamlined and more efficient. But innovation is what Conservatives fear by definition of Conservatism. Now as for the sometimes used definition of big government as being the Government preventing citizen autonomy. Conservatives are currently pushing anti-civil rights for LGBT people. I.E. we don't serve your kind. The same religious arguments used when "white only" signs were popular in America. Freedom of religion is a very dangerous Freedom when used liberally. All racists are not atheists. Giving them Freedom of religion would come into conflict with anti-discrimination laws. Why are Conservatives for discriminating against LGBT? Again Mitch McConnell has kept the Senate from adding LGBT to the National Anti-discrimination laws. Why? As for other Conservative big government plans anti-abortion. Conservatives in there desire for the big government wants to force the women to have children no matter what. That is to say, enslave women to have children. Again the Freedom of religion is an invalid argument because religious fanatics are forcing women to have children. In America, our laws and government are not to be driven by religious dogma. And yet Conservatives have allowed their big-government views to create laws to protect businesses with Government contracts from criticizing Israel's government. If these businesses criticize Israel they can lose their government contract. Governor Matt Bevin pushed that big government idea in Kentucky. No matter how many people Israel kills justified or not a contractor in Kentucky can not voice a negative opinion or they could lose their government contract. Conservative big government in action. So please, you intellectual legend in your own mind, state the Democrat big government you rant against. And as usual, I challenge you to a public debate about your opinions and my opinions and political state and national issues. As many times before I am sure you will be a coward and not even reply to the very American Challenge. You and your fellow Conservatives really do like to take the Russian troll way and just hide.


DONO nothing, you have not responded as usual. Why?

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