Switch support to Democrats this year

For the last few years, teachers have been insulted and pension promises have been broken.

As a public school teacher who has voted for Republican presidential and gubernatorial candidates over the past decade, I’m supporting Andy Beshear for governor. He’ll take Kentucky in a different, brighter direction. He knows that no matter how much Matt Bevin and his special interest allies try to distract us, this election is about the challenges that keep our families up at night, especially public education.

Andy believes in public education. He even chose an educator, Jacqueline Coleman, as his running mate. He’ll fight to fund our schools so the kids I teach have the buildings, textbooks and classrooms they need to learn. Unlike our current governor, Andy also respects public educators. When Matt Bevin tried to illegally cut our pensions, Andy fought back and won in the Kentucky Supreme Court.

I’ve voted for countless Republicans, but this election is different. The choice we have is bigger than party politics and Andy Beshear is the only candidate who supports public education. A Beshear/Coleman administration will support working families and put us on the right track.

Nicholas Newton

Vine Grove

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So you have no building now to teach kids in. So the kids don’t have any textbooks now. So you have to assemble children outside all day, even in the winter months? What about the new school being constructed on Glendale Road, what about the new school in front of the Cedars subdivision on Ring Road? Not sure you need to be a teacher when you can’t see the obvious.


Mr. Newton,

I’m actually sympathetic to your position. You’re worried about your retirement. You’re worried about taking care of your family. Over the last decade, Kentucky politicians made many mistakes concerning the pension program and they were fully cognizant of how their errors were negatively affecting the program. . Now Kentucky owes the pension program nearly $40 billion. Your pension is in jeopardy.

So for all those years that you voted for a Republican, was there anything done to change the pension system or to fully fund it in order to catch up? The answer is no. Why? The Democrats were a super majority and nothing was done. Now the Republicans are the super majority and nothing was done but it was attempted. Governor Bevin supported changes that would make the program viable and put money into it.

Teachers have fought against any changes. Without change the pension fund will fail and nobody is going to get their money. Something needs to be done. At least the current Governor is making the effort. It’s a free country and you can vote for whomever you like. If you vote Democrat then you’re going to vote for no change to your pension program and I believe it will fail in the very near future.


Matt Bevin is using the same people to handle the pension plan that the last Republican Governor used. Why are you people not ranting about that? Matt Bevin has not presented a viable plan for the pension. He did get a special session to fix his idiot program that would have had the whole pension plan fail. Matt Bevin's failed plan was to force participants in the pension plan to buy out their share. Leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. So wasted taxpayer money went toward his failed plan.

The pension plan was first underfunded under Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher, who fled the state of Kentucky when he decided to allow the pension planers to invest our pension money in high-risk investments. They chose a mutual fund that they used to work for and planted a majority of Kentucky's pension in that fund. Kentucky actually became the majority stakeholder of that mutual fund. The market tumbles and Kentucky loses billions of dollars in pension funds. Everything was legal but was deemed reckless and poor stewardship. The third-party investment strategy was the primary reason for the failed pension investment strategy. These people made money no matter what. Now Matt Bevins has instituted the same investment strategy that Ernie Fletcher used.

If you know of a strategy as you said, Matt Bevins supported that would make the pension plan viable and would put money into it, then please tell us all because to date there has been no viable plan submitted for the public to review. All indications appear that the only plan Republicans support is to cut hard-earned benefits that the people on the pension plans have already earned. Those future employees will not have a pension plan but a 401k like plan that as of now the Republicans have failed to define or state how to fund. Your rants about Democrats are pathetic. Your Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher and his gang raided the Kentucky pension plan and ran away. Without tax increases to rebuild the pension plan nothing will happen. And the Republican supermajority will not do that. Thanks to Matt Bevins backroom deals to corporations like Black Jewell it is a wonder we have any taxes to spend. After two years of operating in Kentucky under Matt Bevins leadership, they paid no taxes. How many other companies in Kentucky are paying no taxes?

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