Tax benefits should benefit Americans

I have no problem with school taxes being raised as long as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is allowed to go through the school rolls and remove all illegal immigrants and their family from the county. These people are here illegally, using welfare, food stamps and housing assistance that is for citizens. They will not assimilate to the American customs or way of life and should be removed as indicated by federal law.

I am tired so my tax money going to pay for criminals to take benefits from citizens of this country. It is time taxes paid by citizens be used for citizens. It is time we the people, or should I say citizens, in America stand up and say enough is enough and demand our taxes be used for our children and not those who are here illegally to abuse our efforts to improve the way of life for citizens.

I am sure ICE would be willing to come and remove these criminals at the request of the citizens and the officials elected by these very same citizens. America is going down the toilet by allowing these people to abuse our way of life. Remember America first and these illegals do not count.

Please let you city council and school board members know that Kentucky comes first and it time to remove those who are in this county illegally. Let’s make America great again and give out our resources to the citizens, not these illegals.

Carl Cauch


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Are you really so eat up by hate that you would bother writing such a ridiculous opinion? If we as a Nation listened to every crackpot about how tax dollars are spent then this country would just stop functioning. For me, I hate our tax dollars going toward corporate welfare that makes rich people wealthier and shrinks the middle class and expands those in poverty. I hated our TAX dollars going to going for the phony war started by Bush/Cheney and the Conservative Republican party in Iraq. Afghanistan has been a waste of my tax dollars. My Tax dollars are paying for Donald Trump's golf vacations at his own resorts and properties. We have laws against that. Some of you Conservatives do not like any social programs and wants Medicare cancelled and Social Security cancelled. So which nut job should Americans follow? Some Americans think the military should be cut. Some wants the Department of Education cut. You worry about your precious tax dollars but Conservative Republicans are set to add two trillion dollars a year to the deficit. President Donald Trump is set to add 5 trillion dollars to the deficit by the end of his third year. Facing the financial crash of Bush/Cheney and the Conservatives President Obama only added 9 trillion dollars in 8 years and the yearly deficit was reduced to under 400 billion a year. But hey if you just want to rant about illegal immigrants in school then we can. If you could wipe all tax payer aid to illegal immigrants with a stroke of the pen what would you think would happen? If you forced every employer who employs illegal immigrants to fire all illegals immediately what would happen. The same thing that happened in the 1970s. Riots,death and destruction throughout America. And before you start that racsist propaganda about the kind of benefits illegal immigrants try learning the facts. Try learning why the immigration system is in the shape it is in. Conservative Republicans have blocked every major immigration overall for the last 50 years. So why don't people like you stop complaining and call Mitch McConnell and tell him to work for a change and bring up immigration reform. Currently King Donald Trump has used the Executive pen to make things worse. The same pen he complained about President Obama for using. Hypocrite Trump Is.


I'm going to pray for you Carl.


Joshua W,

Prayer is absolutely wonderful and I'm sure Mr. Cauch appreciates your effort.

Do you agree with his editorial?

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