Illegal aliens drain American resources

I would like to thank Brigit Polston for her letter published Sept. 6. She clearly shows how she and other liberal Democrats are dedicated to the protection of illegal aliens who have been streaming into our country.

While she may be entitled to her own opinion, facts are another matter. And the simple fact is that these scoff laws are draining our tax dollars at both the federal and state level.

Estimates vary from President Donald Trump’s claim that it is more than $200 billion each year to the Sept. 27, 2017, FAIR study from the Immigration Reform Law Institute which puts the estimate at $116 billion.

While illegal aliens supposedly are ineligible for welfare benefits that goes out the window once an “anchor baby” shows up and there are more than 4 million of them. The cost of services such as medical care, education and law enforcement still come out of the taxpayers’ pockets, mainly at the state and local level.

What is the pay off for the Democratic Party? How about having hordes of new potential voters dependent on government handouts to swing future elections?

Just think, if the upcoming state elections go as liberal Democrats would like Gov. Andy “Open Borders” Beshear would be putting out the welcome mat. Attorney General Greg Stumbo would be going to his favorite judge in Frankfort to sue to allow these illegals to get Kentucky driver licenses. And armed with these, Secretary of State Heather Henry French would beckon them to register to vote with her beauty pageant winning smile and hand wave. Is this what you want?

Patrick M. McElvaney


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"Fixing what America has broken in South America is the only solution to our Southern Border problem." Another blame and hate America comment from a Democrat. What else is new?


Still hiding under your rock and throwing stones. Stay ignorant your very good at it. Typical Trump cultist. What you don't know won't hurt your lies and Conservative Republican propaganda.

Just how ignorant are you about American history? Do you know nothing about the CIA's destabilization of Central America in the 1960s and 1970s? The failed Conservative Republican era war on drugs campaign started under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. The Bush/Cheney retreat from South America in the 1990s. Knowing the facts about your subject matter is not hating America. Knowing your subject material and facts means you have the true American spirit. Something you Trump Cultist will never have because willful ignorance is your way of life. You Trump cultist are not real Republicans. Your just cultist and a fad and when your Supreme leader falls so shall you all. Good riddance just fade away like the Tea Party fad.


Let us cheer for another Trump cult member urinating down our backs and calling it a warm summer rain. Facts are facts and that illegal immigrant contributes more to our economy then they take. The problem has always been Conservative Republicans who have kicked this issue down the road before even Ronald Reagan was President. Fixing what America has broken in South America is the only solution to our Southern Border problem. But also try to understand that illegal immigration also comes from Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. America is a great place to live and many want to get in. But politically motivated scare tactics by the Conservative Republican party has stymied immigration reform for over thirty years now with the Freedom Caucus vowing to never ever allow a pathway to citizenship. So what are the Freedom Caucus solutions and that of the Trump cult? Build a wall and hunt and deport the 15 to 30 million illegals living in America today. That is a moronic plan that solves nothing. Especially when prominent Conservative Republican donors own and run many companies operating on American soil hiring and giving jobs to illegal immigrants. So why has the Conservative Republican party not made crimes for employing illegal immigrants tougher? Stop all the lies and look at the Trump circus and the Conservative Republican party of propaganda and lies and realize they are not lying to Democrats but people like you.

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