Ideas for use of new sales tax revenue

Many people in Kentucky use mail-order companies and catalogs to buy personal items and gifts. The question is: How many Kentucky residents are aware the U.S. Supreme Court recently ordered these mail-order businesses to collect Kentucky sales tax from all sales and return these funds to the Commonwealth? This order has taken effect because it now is part of the order form on every mail-order catalog I have received.

Just taking a wild guess, this should cause an enormous amount of unexpected cash to flow into Kentucky coffers. Unless they don’t keep up with the news that affects us all, I’m fairly sure most Kentuckians are aware of the crisis the Commonwealth is experiencing with the teachers and state employee pension systems. Many others likely are aware of the infrastructure and the lousy conditions of our roads and the almost urgent need for their repair before that situation also becomes critical.

What I’m wondering is whether anyone has heard one state politician, no matter what the party, advise residents of Kentucky or even say one word about this unexpected windfall of cash or better yet, advise us of any plans they have for its use? I haven’t, but I do think we have a right to know and should have been informed. It appears all our politicians have let us down, felt they had no obligation to Kentucky residents or they just didn’t care.

My suggestion to the governor and all the politicians is to use the monies to shore up the pension system or for road repairs instead of raising gasoline taxes 10 cents per gallon, which is in the works by the legislature.

I also think Royce Kerfoot of Cecilia has some great ideas. See his letter in the July 7 edition of The News-Enterprise. I do not know him but have talked to him on the phone once. I do know we are of different political parties but I feel we agree about many things, especially taxes and non-responsive government agencies and politicians.

To repeat one question Mr. Kerfoot asked: “How can the Hardin County School Board need more money?”

If residents demanded they stop their never-ending spending and Kay Sharon, the advocate for annual maximum tax increases, was voted out, that definitely would improve that situation.

Paul Rose


Debate raises subject of redemption

On July 31, I watched the Democratic debate for the first time. One candidate on stage said, “All you senators haven’t done a thing.” Then he immediately said, “I respect you all.”

I guess he respects them for drawing a big paycheck, lots of benefits paid by taxpayers and being able to work work their own hours with no boss.

I’m glad I’m a Republican. As always, these candidates described everything good they are doing and said all our president is doing hurts our country. But our country is doing better today than it has in years. They’ll say anything to get elected.

Crime was discussed, including the police officer in New York who held a black man to the ground who said I can’t breathe. The moderator called the office “killer” several times, yet he was not charged. The mayor of New York said, “There’s a lot of talk and little action.” I finally agree with a Democrat.

In one man’s closing statement, he said, “We must put the policies of the last 10 years behind us.” Well, Donald Trump has only been in office 2½ years. That leaves these troubles on Joe Biden, the vice president, and President Barack Obama. Again, the Democrats were criticizing themselves.

To me, the only way to resolve the problems in the good U.S.A. is to go back to worship. In his remarks, one senator used the word “redemption.” He is right. That word started with our Lord God. In Titus 2:13b-14, it says, “God and our Savior Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.”

The only way to cure our problems is our trust in God. And only Mr. Trump has invoked God’s name from the White House in a long time.

We do need help from honest, hard-working elected people locally, in Frankfort and in Washington, D.C. But we need Jesus Christ more than anyone.

Bill Taylor


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Did Jesus Christ preach greed is good and that the wealthier you are the more God loves you? This is the Christian religion of Trump and Pense.

My question to you and others is which Christian denominations should America follow. There about 45,000 Christian denominations in the world. With 2.4 new denominations being created each day. According to reports and studies from 2014. The KKK and White Supremacist in America are not atheist but devoted Christians with their own preachers. One major American church leader stated recently he needed donations so he could buy his fifth private jet because he could not ride coach. He said private jets make him closer to GOD. Jesus Christ walked and did so to show he was not above all like the Religious leaders of his time. Jesus said"the meek will inherit the earth" and yet the American Christian religion denounces the poor as being lazy and not as loved as wealthier people by God.

What America needs is more common sense and really decent people. People who are kind. People who have devoted Christians but also respectful of others and their beliefs. Today pro-abortionist and anti-abortionist have built walls between each side and between people and God. Each side has declared a Jesus only exclusion clause in their belief system. Anti-abortionist has stated that Pro-Abortionaist are not real Christians and vice versa. What both sides have done is to build a wall dividing them from the Grace of God. Abortion is not discussed in the Bible nor among Biblical writing. In history, every culture has used abortion techniques for over 5,000 years. Based on historical data. A very small group of religious fanatics in the early 1800's who fled Great Briton started the American Anti-abortion movement with American Doctors who really wanted untrained people like midwives out of the profession of women's health. These same Doctors and Christians were pro-slavery, anti-women rights and anti-children rights. Their movements continued up to the early 1930s. After being successful and drawing more Christians unto their religious views the movement became self-sustaining. Anti-abortion was their core beliefs but their views on slavery were changed to equal but separate and women could vote but had no right to equal rights like men based on the religious dogma of a woman is to be subservient to her husband. Even today a woman can have the same job as a man and not get equal pay.

The bottom line point I am trying to make is religion has no place in politics or a rallying cry for Nationalism. Anyone can serve in the American government in theory. But far too many people are trying to make the case that only pure white American of their own Christian belief system is worthy to be in the American Government. Even President Barack Obama is still attacked as being a Muslim and not a Christian. The Larue County head of the Republican Party refuses to call President Barack Obama by his name. Instead, he calls him Barack Hussein. He claims there is nothing wrong with doing calling the former President that, except his purpose is to smear President Barack Hussien Obama as a Muslim. Americans should not be shamed or forced to only vote for Christians for our Government. The problem is people with hard nose religious beliefs do not serve the voter but rather their God. How many churches are in Hardin county? How many would love to operate under the dogma of of just one church.

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