Someone who understands is heading to Frankfort

Presently, there exists the rare opportunity for all of Hardin County to influence the success of their own children and grandchildren for years to come. In the near future, you will have a voice in Frankfort that totally understands the frustrations all of Kentucky’s teachers are going through on a continual basis.

I’m not talking about the governor either. It is the retired teacher from Nelson County that is in a position to bring about desperately needed change. Lt. Gov.-Elect Jacqueline Coleman has walked in your shoes and hopefully will be instrumental in taking Kentucky’s schools from near the end of the list of states to at least the middle of the line.

Forgetting the past, let’s all look to the future with hope. Sheriff John Ward and Dr. Jody Prather are the ones you need to contact with any usable suggestions you might have. With all the electronic media means available, I’m sure that won’t be difficult.

First of all, unless disciplinary issues in our public school systems are addressed and corrected, you will not have any high school graduates following in the footsteps of the sad teacher standing in front of them.

Secondly, you can’t fix the first problem without addressing accountability of the ones who brought them in to the world.

Lastly, if this opinion from an outdated grandfather offends you, my life is almost over, but the lives of all these precious little ones are just beginning. Don’t wait until it is too late and the average classroom has 50 students in it.

David McCullum


Impeachment debate is hint of America’s true struggle

This impeachment process is the tip of the iceberg of where this country is going. We as citizens of this great country need to step back and look at who we are, where we come from and how we should move forward together.

This constant fighting – over whose feelings are hurt over this or that, what people think other people should or should not have and so on – needs to stop. We need to get back to our roots as a nation. The time has come to break down the walls the different type of groups have built. That is with all political affiliations. Politicians need to represent what the people they represent want, not what their particular political affiliation wants. The nation needs to get back on track and we need to move forward.

This doesn’t just mean the politicians need to do right. This means we as Amer­ican citizens need to wake up too. We need to look at some of these laws that hold back parents from being a parent and appeal them. We need to start taking responsibility for our actions and not blame others, medications, objects and so on. We need to teach our children right and wrong and morals such as our parents before us did. We need to learn how not to hold out a hand and get everything for free, but to go out and earn it as our forefathers did.

Not everyone will agree and that’s OK, but instead of fighting it out with each other, let’s sit down and figure it out together and not play “We’re Right, You’re Wrong” like we have been. Let’s look back to past and see how our nation became great, acknowledge where we went wrong, ensure we never do it again and become the nation we should be.

Christopher Aiken


Danger of socialist America is real and it’s been expanding

Are we in jeopardy of losing our great country to socialism? Absolutely. Liberals control the media (national news, TV, Hollywood and major newspapers) and our educational system, so why act surprised?

Starting in high school, our youth are inundated with anti-American, pro-socialism curriculum. Isn’t it ironic 90 percent of professors collecting six-figure salaries decry capitalism. The millionaires in Congress on board the socialism bandwagon are set for life. They’ll never feel the debilitating effects of a government-controlled society.

Too many uninformed, falsely informed or just ignorant voters can’t see the forest for the trees – even if one fell on their head.

How any intelligent Democrat can’t see the ruse perpetrated by their party is unfathomable. Too many die-hard Dems think it’s still the party of their grandfather or even their father. Not even close. Why can’t you leave this dysfunctional party? They abandoned you years ago.

Another travesty is the belief by some religions that they shouldn’t vote or be part of the electoral process. That’s not Biblical. To stay in the shadows while one party seems hell-bent on removing God from our nation’s conscience is reprehensible. You will reap what you sow.

I wonder how the voters who abandoned Trump in 2018 feel now with the House of Representatives in full anarchy mode.

You believed the first Russian hoax. Will you be gullible enough to buy into the new one? Your Democratic “leaders” are counting on it. They haven’t had any new policies to improve American lives for decades.

Wake up, America. We have one year to get it right. Trump 2020.

Scott Kennedy


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You nailed it again, Scott. Great letter.


I agree completely with Mr. Aiken, Today's politics have gotten so divisive nothing gets done but fighting. Compromise to get the best solution which used to be a staple of American politics has now become a bad thing. Offering to compromise on good legislation is a death nail for politicians on both sides, so they have abandoned it. They need to find the courage to do whats best for the country and maybe the rest will follow suit.


Scott Kennedy everything you ranted about is a conservative propaganda laced opinion. You spoke in absolutes but nothing you wrote about is factual. It is a figment of your political biased. A liberal can say the exact same thing about conservatism. The Truth is Republicans and Democrats are sick of the Far-right Conservatives and the Far-left Liberals who are extremists and counterproductive. Conservatives consider any Republican not calling themselves a Conservative a RINO(Republican in name only). How is that right? If all Republicans must be Conservative then drop the Republican name. Just call yourselves Conservatives. Same for Democrats calling themselves liberals. Except I have not heard of liberals demanding Democrats call themselves liberals.

You need to wake up. Americans are Americans first no matter the political affiliation and extremists willfully forget that. Extremists tend to declare their side is what America wants. Well, that is pure cult mentality and untrue.

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