Sees policies as ‘ungodly agenda’

I believe I can explain in the following paragraphs how and why liberal Democrats are trying to sell their ungodly agenda and how their views are flawed.

n Barack Obama, George Soros and other liberals want to destroy America and rebuild it into an ungodly nation. In order to do this, they create racism, destroy morality (Christianity) and turn women against men. They pass laws that expand gambling, alcohol and drugs. They take prayer out of schools, Ten Commandments out of government buildings and persuade ball players to kneel when our national anthem is played. They also use their money and power to persuade the drive-by media to print and voice lies to persuade blacks and other minorities that America is prejudiced and racist.

n Liberal Democrats present themselves as the caring party for African Americans and other minorities. It’s confusing to me that only when a black person’s life has been taken does that life become important. Thousands of black people are shot and killed yearly by other blacks in large cities all over America and thousands of black babies are being aborted. Where is the outcry from Democrats for these people?

n Liberal Democrats support homosexuality. Like abortion, they claim it’s a social issue, not a moral issue. I believe this proves that the morality of the Democratic Party is in decay. God says homosexuality is an abomination, which makes it a sin he despises. Any behavior that is sin is a moral issue. Read the following scriptures to see what God’s word says: Leviticus 18:22; Genesis Chapters 18-19; and Romans 1:24-31.

In conclusion, I believe America still is the greatest country in the world in which to live and raise a family. Proof: Do you see any mass exit of white liberals, African Americans or any other minority to other countries? Do liberals ever suggest other countries for people to relocate? God always has blessed America because it was founded on his principles and commandments.

Gary Linder


Proud to support energy independence

Since it was first built in 1918, Fort Knox has been an important Kentucky landmark and an essential part of the local economy. Our bases like Fort Knox contribute so much to their surrounding communities, which is one reason why protecting Kentucky’s military installations has been a priority of mine in the Senate.

When Fort Knox announced its capability to be energy independent in 2015, I was thrilled with the news. Their potential for energy independence and self-sufficiency could help in protecting the base from any future closure rounds.

But without action from Congress, this program would not have been able to continue. That is why I was the first to introduce a legislative proposal to specifically allow the U.S. Department of Defense to continue producing natural gas at Fort Knox, both as an amendment to legislation and as a standalone Fort Knox Energy Security Act.

These efforts continued in August, when I joined fellow Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Brett Guthrie to fix this issue through securing a provision in broader legislation that passed Congress and was soon after signed that into law.

Recently, Fort Knox was able to test their energy independence and I was pleased to hear it was a huge success.

As a staunch defender of Kentucky’s military installations and fierce advocate for our nation’s armed forces, I am proud to continue my efforts on behalf of Fort Knox and protecting their energy independence capabilities. I hope Fort Knox can continue to lead the way in cost-effectiveness and ingenuity when it comes to natural gas development and sustainability.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Washington, D.C.

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