Unsavory tactic in use again

I remember the last time I willingly went to church. It was 2004 and it was the second George W. Bush election. The state of Kentucky has a referendum on a redundant and ultimately unconstitutional law on gay marriage – a strategy to bring conservatives to the ballot box, assisting Bush and other Republicans. It was a race steeped in homophobia and turned me, a young man with many gay friends, away from the church community which bought into it.

It was a shameful move by the Republi­can Party. Worse, it worked.

And as history repeats itself, we are here most of two decades later, and the Matt Bevin campaign is doing that same thing again. His campaign posits that, if Andy Beshear were to be governor, the worst outcome would be a rash of high-schoolers pretending to be a different gender in order to cheat at sports. I will not explain the flaws in this argument because it’s not asserted in good faith and I won’t pretend to respond in good faith.

I will say this. It is shameful. It is hateful. It is, truly, just kind of lame that the best thing Bevin can find to say about his candidacy involves a fiction about high school sports.

Andy Beshear understands this race is im­portant and has things to talk about that ac­tually are true and actually matter. I look for­ward to seeing all of you at the polls Nov. 5.

Zac Caldwell


Seeing pattern of corruption

The upcoming state election begs the question “Will the Democratic Party corruption continue unabated or will it come to a halt?” There were four people connected directly to the Democrat Steve Beshear’s gubernatorial administration who received prison sentences and/or fines for crimes from bribery to campaign finance violations.

Andy Beshear’s deputy attorney general, Tim Longmeyer, is serving more than five years in an Alabama federal prison. Lobbyist Jim Sullivan was sentenced to 33 months in prison and a $25,000 fine. Law­rence O’Bryan was sentenced to five years in prison and a $100,000 fine and Demo­cratic consultant Samuel McIntosh was sentenced to 65 months in prison and ordered to repay $200,000.

Now let’s look at the Purdue Pharma settlement initiated by then Democrat Attorney General Greg Stumbo and settled by Demo­crat AG Jack Conway. Stumbo sued Purdue Phar­ma saying the settlement should be worth $1 billion but instead Conway settled for $24 million. Oklahoma just settled a similar lawsuit for $270 million. Louisville law firm Stites and Harbison was representing Purdue Pharma, and guess who worked for Stites and Harb­i­son. That’s right, Andy Beshear. After Andy Beshear was elected AG, he turned around and paid the law firm of Dolt, Thompson and Shep­herd $4 million even though the contract had expired. After Jack Conway leaves office, he became a partner in the law firm of Dolt, Thompson and Shepherd. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what happened here.

Finally, we have the corruption of Alison Lundergan Grimes’ daddy, Jerry Lun­der­gan. He was found guilty of illegally funneling contributions to his daughter’s 2014 campaign against Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Lundergan, former chairman of the Ken­tucky Democratic Party, and Democratic consultant Dale Emmons were convicted on 10 and six counts, respectively. Prosecutors said the two had carried out a scheme to direct more than $200,000 in corporate contributions to Grimes’s campaign in violation of federal election laws.

Now you have two choices. You can vote to support Democrat corruption or you can vote to keep moving Kentucky forward. Vote straight Republican.

Lanny Vincent

Chairman, LaRue Co. Republican Party

Senate should act on ‘red flag’

Much has been said about Congress’ inability to pass meaningful, if any, legislation under both Republican and Democratic leadership. However, there currently are upwards of 400 bills, passed by the House, that are awaiting action in the Senate.

One of which, passed by the House of Repre­sent­a­tives, is H.R. 8, the Bi­part­isan Background Checks Act of 2019. This bill would require a background check be conducted for all gun sales (those from federally licensed gun dealers, as well as unlicensed sellers), with some exemptions.

According to a Quinni­piac University poll, 93 percent of American voters support requiring background checks on all gun sales, including 89 percent of Republ­icans and 87 percent of gun owners. With such universal support, why are we not getting background checks for all gun sales?

At the same time, there have been several other bills introduced in the House that commonly are referred to as “red flag” laws. These allow for family and/or law enforcement to request extreme risk orders to intervene in order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing firearms. Already, 17 states have enacted extreme risk laws, including Indiana, which had a 7.5 percent reduction of gun suicide rate afterward. Kentucky can join this group by supporting state “red flag” legislation.

As a gun owner and retired law-enforcement officer, I support efforts for background checks for all gun sales. I realize passing this legislation is not a cure-all for gun-related violent crime, but it will make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms. As a gun owner, I do not see this as something that will hamper any lawful firearm activities in which I choose to participate.

I also support passage of “red flag” laws with robust due process protections.

Karl Stankovic


Democratic veterans organize

As a veteran recently retired from Fort Knox, I would like to take this opportunity to let other local veterans know about the Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council.

KDVC is a new political organization, comprised of veterans of the Armed Forces who challenge the GOP’s choke hold on patriotism and their frequent claim Democrats hate America.

We believe our government should be driven by selfless service, inclusion, accountability and dignity – values we exercised while serving this country.

Our members still want to serve and we want to elect leaders we can respect. That’s why we endorse Andy Beshear for governor, Jacqueline Coleman for lieutenant governor, Heather French Henry for secretary of state, Greg Stumbo for attorney general, Sherri Donahue for state auditor, Michael Bowman for state treasurer and Robert Conway for agriculture commissioner.

We invite all Democrats, independents and Republicans to join us at the polling place Nov. 5.

If you’d like to learn more about our organization, we invite you to visit Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council on Facebook.

Janet Holliday

Retired colonel, U.S. Army

Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council

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Lanny Vincent, Chairman, LaRue Co. Republican Party another Trump cultist opinion rant about corruption cases of some Democrats. But when it comes to corruption cases and prosecutions of today this Chairman of the LaRue County Republican Party only wants to point out the speck in the eyes of Democrats. That is what he sees his duty and job as. Vomit ill things at Democrats and ignore Conservative crimes and prosecutions. Claim everything about Conservatives as "fake news" or as "liberal lies" and claim everything said about liberals as gospel. What a true Conservative Cultist Lanny Vincent has proven to be. But I have also challenged this fine Conservative to discuss his comments in a public forum and he has run scared every time. I remember Conservative Governor Ernie Fletcher and his corrupt administration and his blanket pardon of his associates before he fled Kentucky and went to another state. I remember how Conservative Ernie Fletcher underfunded the pension plan after he lost a majority of it with his third party investor scheme. What was that Conservative scheme Lanny? Was it take the pension plan money from safe growth and invest it in the volatile stock market. But it was even worse for Kentucky because the third party advisors recommended Kentucky become the major investor in a Hedge Fund that would later go bust thus losing Kentucky pension money. And later it was found that these third party advisors used to work for the hedge fund. But Conservatives in Ernie Fetchers administration could not find any wrongdoing. Maybe that is why the Conservative Matt Bevin administration brought back some of those same people and firms to raid Kentucky pension again.

Lanny Vincent would you like to discuss BlackJewell and how the Conservative Matt Bevin administration decided to uphold the law and allow the company to post money for the protection of coal minors or how Conservatives never collected taxes for three years on this company. Neither Federal taxes under Trump nor State under Bevin. How many other sweethearts deals like this has the Conservative administration of Matt Bevin hidden. Your focus on Democrat prosecutions only is sickening. I think all corrupt politicians need prosecuting regardless of political affiliation.

Again I challenge you to a public discussion of your comments and today's current events.



Thank you, Governor Bevin for standing up for Kentucky coal miners (not minors). As you can see, there are people who lie and distort the truth.


Poor Conservative Cultist Linda Duv still playing catch up and making excuses for Governor Bevin. 10/24/2019 a day you give credit to Governor Matt Bevin for doing nothing. His administration did not collect the fees from BlackJewell when it started operating 3 years ago nor did Governor Matt Bevin collect state taxes for three years but neither did President Donald Trump for America. Black jewel CEO Jeff Hoops not only screwed the miners over the state of Kentucky. Maybe you will like to go stay at his $20 million dollars paid for a resort hotel. Nice to know Jeff Hoops can drain the coal company of cash and pay for a luxury hotel at the same time. The miners are being paid back pay so the new owners can stop all the legal suits. How did Governor Matt Bevin who is responsible for this scandal standing up for coal miners? It was Governor Matt Bevin's staff who failed to collect the money that would have paid the Coal Miners in case of a closure. It was Governor Matt Bevin's staff who failed to collect the Kentucky state taxes. Governor Matt Bevin has not fired anyone for this scandal. You are a liar and you distort the truth. Keep hiding you pathetic child of the beast. Do not worry about Governor Matt Bevin because they are too many Trump Cultist like you in this state. He will win and you will still lose the day in and day out for supporting the Beasts of lies and propaganda. There is going to be one way this will all end. President Donald Trump has declared the press is his enemy, that the CIA, FBI and all intelligence agencies can not be trusted. Democrats are the enemies of America. Anyone who speaks against him is the enemy of America. So there is only one way to defeat a self-proclaimed King and Tyrant and his fellow cultist. America dealt with one King already. History does repeat itself upon those who never learned.


Youstill under your rock of lies? Loser


Still no words from Lanny Vincent Chairman, LaRue Co. Republican Party about his condemnation of all Democrats versus his praise of all Conservatives. One and done Lanny. Like you, this Lanny Vincent Chairman, LaRue Co. Republican Party is too cowardly to defend his platform of hate for Democrats in public. That is probably why he posts in Hardin county papers. How does it feel to hide your identity and yet declare your self Americans while lying and spreading propaganda about your political rivals? I can not imagine that mentality. I am a proud American Democrat ready to defend my Country from foreign and domestic enemies.

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