Impeach those who waste time, money

We the People should impeach or fire every Demo­cratic politician in Washington who has had anything to do with the endless investigations and calls for impeachment against President Donald Trump which have accomplished absolutely nothing except waste millions of our tax dollars that could have been used to address far more critical problems in this country. These idiots then should be forced to reimburse the millions they have wasted.

When will the American people have enough?

Then we have the jokers running for statewide office, Andy Beshear, Greg Stumbo and Heather French Henry. Sheesh! What a combination.

Try thinking about their run for office as a movie title. Andy Beshear’s would be called “Your Worst Nightmare,” a horror film. That is what it would be for Kentucky residents. If he is elected, there will be much higher taxes, a bigger influx of illegal immigrants and he will do nothing for teachers and their pension plan, no matter how much he keeps spouting hogwash in his TV ads. If educators vote this guy in, you will deserve everything you’ll get, which will be absolutely nothing. Please wake up. Why make the rest of us suffer?

Greg Stumbo’s movie would be a very weak thriller called “Mr. Sleaze” or “The Puppet.” Explanations shouldn’t really be needed. Even his own constituency dumped him in his last election. If he happens to get elected as attorney general and under Andy Beshear as governor, the title would be “The Puppet.” He would perform the same role as he did during Steve Beshear’s term as governor. We don’t need Mr. Stumbo’s services in any position. We have had enough.

Heather French Henry’s run for secretary of state’s movie title would be a family cartoon named “Princess Loses Her Crown.” There have been unsubstantiated rumors that, if elected, her first official act would be to change the official dress code in order to be able to vote to bathing suits for both men and women. No lack of complete fairness on her part. Just wondering where people will carry their forms of ID when they do go to vote?

Paul Rose


It’s difficult to muster Christian love

As a Christian, I’m supposed to love all people- even my enemies. I’m not that strong a Christian, as my enemies (foaming at the mouth, insane liberals) are fervently trying to destroy my great country. I fear the kind of country my grandkids will inherit.

How can you love a person who would allow a newborn baby to die on the delivery table and have no problem polluting the minds of children to further their cause. Lie, cheat and destroy the reputation of a political opponent to reclaim power. Rewrite history to better represent their ideology. Brutally attack, both verbally and physically, those who think differently. (ISIS comes to mind, but aren’t they in the Middle East?)

Diehard Dems claim only a few think that way, but if so, where’s the condemnation? Nowhere.

The Russian collusion hoax failed. Racist claims can be rebuked. Praying for a recession (love your country?) failed. New “crisis” over what should have been a private presidential conversation is in vogue. The feeding frenzy is akin to that of a horde of zombies from “World War Z” overwhelming their prey with voracious appetites for fresh blood. Just read the unredacted transcript of the conversation. Wonder how Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi will spin that result?

How can you support a party, who for three years has done zero legislation, opting instead to spend all its time attempting to destroy a legitimately elected president? Is this really your tax dollars at work?

When Joe Biden and his son are exposed for their “Russian collusion”what will the Fake News outlets have to say? Real justice will be when Hillary’s Russian collusion will be brought to light. Hopefully, Obama’s involvement also will surface. He could be in for a rude awakening. Hope springs eternal.

There is no choice in 2020. Hop on Trump’s amazing bandwagon and reap the benefits or choose socialism and plunge our country into a godless abyss. ‘

God bless the USA.

Scott Kennedy


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Scott Kennedy how can your opinion be so deranged. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama suffered wrongfully accused of all kinds of alleged wrongdoings for eight years and no charges or prosecutions done. And yet Donald Trump has several thousand civil lawsuits pending against him, International money laundering investigations pending, State tax investigations against him, federal tax investigation against him, several defamation lawsuits pending, several federal election law violations against him, many obstructions of justice investigations, violation of the federal emoluments clause investigation against him, he still has several sexual assaults pending against him, a child sexual assault charge pending, the Russian Collusion case against Donald Trump and his family was proven but was left to the congress and senate to follow through, and now we have Donald Trump asking a foreign power to investigate his political enemy and family. Donald Trump and his lawyer and members of his staff have admitted that Donald Trump did ask for the favor. That alone is impeachable. The holding up of funds until you get an answer is also impeachable. The problem is Conservatives are being asked not to follow the American Constitution or American laws but to display party loyalty and loyalty to Donald Trump. We can hear Donald Trump say to the Presiden of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens or no money and it will still come down to party loyalty. Conservatives can still say that the withholding of funds is not worthy of impeachment. Loyalty to Donald Trump is a cullt thing destroying the integrety of America.


Scott Kennedy wrote:

"I’m not that strong a Christian, ......."

You got that right.

The rest of your screed is innuendo and unfounded claims.


What a bunch of Conservative lies and propaganda. It is obvious the Trump cult is alive and well. Like Donald "the real SOB" Trump, who needs facts. Just vomit hate for Democrats for everything wrong. One cultist wants to whine over money spent investigating Russians harming our election and call it a waste, but willfully forget the Hillary Clinton Benghazi waste of money by Conservative investigations. You must have drunk a lake full of conservative Trump kool-aide to bother to write your opinion about Democrats and ignore Conservatives. You people are truly the children of the beast. And for all the anti-abortion followers of the beast, Jesus nor the Bible spoke out about abortion, but the children of the Beast and Conservatives have been vomiting their lies and propaganda all over media medians for money and power. The teachings of Christ have been lost on you Trump cultist.

Lanny Vincent

There's no lies or propaganda in these two letters. just facts. As far as the Benghazi investigation is concerned, it did not cost near as much as the 2 1/2 year Russian Collusion Delusion did which will be remembered as the biggest conspiracy theory ever with all the Democrats and all the Fake News Media involved. As far as the Bible not speaking out against abortion is another one of your psychotic delusions. Did you ever hear of the 10 Commandments? I'm sure you've never read them but one of them is "Thou Shalt Not Kill". I would be real careful calling people "children of the beast" and all your talk about drinking Kool-Aid. You sound a lot like Jim Jones.


Oh, look 6 more months of lies and propaganda because Lanny Vincent crawled out from under his rock of lies and saw his shadow. Scurry back into your hole Lanny. What facts can you actually attest to Lanny Vincent? Benghazi investigation or the multi-year Hillary Clinton "witch hunt" cost about 7 million dollars. Hillary Clinton answered questions and appeared before the Conservative Lynch mob on camera. President Donald Trump told everyone not to cooperate and refused to answer the question or testify before committees in public or behind closed doors. All the Mueller probe was done by and started by Conservatives in office. All the Committees in the House and Senate were run by Conservatives. Why? Conservatives were the majority in the house and senate. How can you not understand that? Also, the Mueller probe was not authorized to find criminal activity by Donald Trump. That is why no questions about obstruction of justice were asked of Donald Trump. Instead, it was about collusion with foreign operatives during the 2016 campaign. That resulted in several indictments and prosecutions of Trump officials and campaign officials. Those cases brought the total Mueller investigation to about $25 million. You as a Trump Cultist called the Investigation Collusion Delusion. Words you will swallow one day when Trump loses his immunity and is questioned about his personal activities. The Trump Tower meeting involving him and his son are not resolved. No need to pursue Collusion charges when he has Presidential immunity. But once he leaves office it will all hit the fan. Then you can explain all your lies and defenses of such an American traitor. The Benghazi investigation resulted in absolutely nothing. And yet you do not speak out against the tax dollars wasted. Hillary Clinton's server was legally subpoenaed for any emails related to Benghazi by Conservative Senaors and Congressman. They got what they wanted. But not what they needed so they lied to everyone and said Hillary Clinton and her attorneys did not turn over all emails related to Benghazi. Guilty until proven innocent. But no charges from any Conservative for that fake charge. Had that happened the Conservatives could have brought legal charges against Hillary Clinton and her attorneys. They never did and will never do so. It was all a political assassination of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump played it up by chanting lock her up. For what crime? Tell us all Lanny Vincent? What crime can Hillary Clinton be charged with?

Your Psychotic delusion that "Thou shall not kill" is the basis of the anti-abortion movement is embarrassing and hilarious. No historical record nor the Bible calls for anti-abortion action. It does not exist. Anti-abortion is a political movement to enslave women to have children and it is wrapped in fake Christian dogma. It does not exist beyond your blasphemers' minds and egos. Ask any preacher to prove to you anti-abortion is in the Bible. "Thou shall not lie" is broken by Conservatives like your with every opinion and rant. You are a true Child of the Beast. And cultists like you would drink all the Jim Jones Kool-Aid you can drink.

Again I challenge you to a public discussion of your opinions and my opinions as well as current State and National issues. But since you have chosen to chicken out every time I challenge you I will just say be really careful when you speak about Democrats especially when you willfully chose to ignore Conservative wrongdoing. Hypocrite!


Where are you Lanny"forked tongue" Vincent? Still hiding under your rock of lies and deceptions. "Thou shall not bear false witness against thy Neighbor" and yet that is your job as a Conservative. That is what is in your opinion peices. How do you not understand where you will end up when you take your last breath? The lake of fire! If I am wrong I try to find out. I challenge those with different opinions to prove me wrong. With that in mind, I challenge you again.

'Thou Shalt Not Kill" actually means "Thou Shall Not Murder" and since the Bible and all the religious writing of that time do not discuss abortion then logically they did not consider Abortion murder. But in historical references to abortion are present so we know how the did it and it was legal. It was legal for thousands of years until the 1800s when a Christian cult fled Europe and came to America and started the Anti-abortion movement. So how are you so-called Christians right and the Bible and religious text wrong? If you have a preacher that can explain that please have him or she gets in touch with me. I have asked many and no preacher has proved anti-abortionist have any religious claim to being right. The anti-abortion movement was an act of man and not God.


Whoa! Moses Michael is at it again rewriting the 10 Commandments. Look out everyone! He's getting ready to part the Red Sea. The same guy who said that abortions were committed 5,000 years ago is now changing the Commandments. The fact that the Bible doesn't mention abortion is that no one was stupid enough to commit it then. As far as Cavemen committing abortions, I'm sure next you'll tell me that they committed the abortions in between dinosaur and sabre tooth tiger attacks. Oh, wait a minute. I know why they did it. The radical left wing Communists committed the abortions to cut down on over population, climate change and global warming. What an embarrassment.

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