Do research before voting on Nov. 5

In the Kentucky May primary elections, only a fraction of eligible voters bothered to vote. My question to all responsible Kentucky residents of voting age is this: Will you be fulfilling your civic duty Nov. 5 by voting responsibly?

Know the candidates and for what they stand. I recommend you Google for excellent voter information. It points out some of the differences between the candidates.

For instance, Gov. Matt Bevin is pro-life while Beshear is pro-abortion. Bevin wants to clean up the voter rolls by taking the deceased off the rolls and having citizenship confirmed because it is illegal for non-citizens to vote, hence avoiding voter fraud. Beshear wants automatic voter registration and making absentee voting easier. Gov. Bevin has brought many jobs and business investments to Kentucky and he is the first governor to fully fund pensions for teachers and other public employees. Democratic candidates gave no responses about being pro-life or pro-family. In fact, Greg Stumbo worked against pro-life legislation.

The choices are very clear. You may vote for conservative pro-Trump Republicans or you may vote for liberal pro-Hillary Democrats.

Gov. Bevin and his fellow Republicans in Frankfort have worked hard to move Kentucky forward and away from the many failures and dishonesty perpetrated on Kentuckians by the Kentucky Democratic Party and its members.

A vote for Republican candidates on Nov. 5 is a vote for keeping Kentucky honest and moving forward and away from the liberal agendas of present-day Democrats at all levels. We do not need nor want anti-Trump Democrats elected to state office in Frankfort.

Jim Weise


Support candidate with experience

Recently, I became interested in the secretary of state’s race so I took to Google to learn more.

After reading both candidates’ websites, I was stunned to learn that this is a contested race. Having been a candidate for office, and a county chairman, I had the opportunity to work directly with secretaries of state.

For those who are not aware of what the SOS’s office does, it first and foremost oversees elections. This is the most important and sensitive job in our great Republic. A favorite quote of mine goes, “Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.” — Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza. Favorited not of likeability for dictators, rather for potency.

Next, the SOS oversees all of our business filings and is responsible for maintaining these records. These are the basis for our businesses and employers abilities to pay us. They are not to be taken lightly

Also of significant note, the SOS’s office oversees and handles all candidate filings. To some, this may seem like a simple task. But there are highly complex legal situations that often arise when candidates withdraw from races, contest validity of petition signatures, and challenge other candidates’ qualifications to be on the ballot, such as what just occurred with our attorney general candidate, Daniel Cameron.

Heather French Henry has an impressive background in helping veterans and running a bureaucracy. As a veteran, I am grateful for what she does for our veterans. But helping veterans and overseeing elections on statewide level do not compare ... at all.

After reading Michael Adams’ website, I was impressed. He spent his career working in election law with some of the best folks in the field such as then Gov. Mike Pence, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Gov. Ernie Fletcher as well as George W. Bush’s Department of Justice, all of this after attending Harvard.

Put simply, we have one candidate with no election experience and another who spent his entire career working in a field he’s running for. Elections matter. Elections have consequences. Vote for experience. Vote for Michael Adams.

Jake Viano


Promoting slate of pro-life candidates

I believe you don’t have to be a Christian to be pro-life, but you do have to be pro-life to be a Christian. The slaughter of innocent unborn babies is not Christian behavior.

Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee exists solely to save the lives of helpless, innocent unborn babies. It sends questionnaires to candidates and evaluates their responses and the incumbents’ voting records on abortion-related issues. Sometimes, they also interview candidates.

Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee has announced it has endorsed Gov. Matt Bevin for a second term; state Sen. Dr. Ralph Alvarado for the office of lieutenant governor; Michael Adams for secretary of state, Daniel Cameron for attorney general; Mike Harmon for state auditor; Allison Ball for state treasurer and Ryan Quarles for commissioner of agriculture.

Please join me in voting pro-life.

Terry H. Miller


(4) comments


Terry H. Miller being pro-life is being anti-Christian and anti-American. As Americicans we will not tolerate the enslavement of women and force them to have children. That is the mission of all pro-life organizations. To force women of different faiths to have children. Including if that means endangering the woman's life. So pro-life just means a form of legalized slavery and murder. If a woman dies giving birth then so what is the pro-life evil mantra. It is all GOD'S will except for abortion according to the pro-life cultist. Even though there are no religious history about abortion nor Biblical reference and definitely nothing from Jesus about abortion you pro-life cultist wrap your political beliefs into the religious dogma that does not exist. Your religious perspective has all been lies. I have discussed abortion to several of this communities religious leaders and they have concurred that no anti-abortion ideas, statements or beliefs exist in the Bible. But the movement is solely based on faith. And I find that kind of faith not of the teachings of Jesus Christ but the teachings of the Beast. Pro-Life is a product of political ideology wrapped in false Christian Dogma. If Jesus Christ, the prophets and over two thousand years of Biblical writings do not condemn abortion then why is this anti-abortion movement wrapped in Christian beliefs that did not exist until around the early 1800s by a new religious sect who fled to America from Europe. Why are we listening to these false prophets? Anti-abortionist or Pro-Life cultists have blasphemed the teachings of Jesus Christ by promoting lies and deceptions to have laws targeting women and abortion facilities. Governor Matt Bevin has lied and abused Kentucky law and the law of the land to promote his illegitimate and blasphemous religious faith.

Any vote any Pro-Life or anti-abortion political candidate is a vote for those who follow the teachings of the beast for they have lied and broken the law based on lies and deceptions. There is no Christian writing to support the anti-abortion movement or Pro-life. None. Have all your preachers or priest to proclaim these writings. But since they do not exist do not be surprised that you get the answers I received. It is not about the writings but the interpretation and faith. My answer to all children of the beast who vomit that catch-all phrase is that the same answer was used to justify slavery, woman's suffrage, child labor, the treatment of the poor and the meek, sex is for procreation and sex for pleasure is a sin, a woman is subservient to her husband, a man should only vote, consumtion of alcohol is a sin, children out of wedlock is a sin, a married man can discipline his wife, and thousand more sins created by the hearts of man and not of God. I have listened to so many self rioteous Christians claim real Christians owned no slaves. That slave owners were not really Christians. I do not think Pro-life or anti-abortionists are real Christians either. They are religious cultists of the Beast of lies and deceptions.


It would be amazing to figure out how long it would take a person to sit around and dream up all these delusions.


Linda Duv comes out from under his rock, again, to make a pointless and self-serving comment. Since you just called everything delusional that means you got nothing to counter my opinion. Typical you. Back under your rock. Again I challenge you to a public debate of your opinions versus mine. What is this about the fifteenth time I challenged you and probably will get ignored by you again. Too cowardly to respond. Next time just type wah, wah, wah, wah, cry, wah, wah-wah and wah. That makes more sense then your usual rants and propganda.


Jim Weise another Conservative Cultist of Trump spreading propaganda and lies. Sure everyone can go to his web site he suggests for nothing but pure propaganda and lies and have their souls corrupted as he has. Then you can spread propaganda and hate like the Conservative Cult of Trump. You can continue to divide our nation.

President Donald Trump has stated that anyone who does not support his agenda hates America. I do not want a President or any elected officials in office who does not find that offensive. Donald Trump has targeted individuals and questions their patriotism because he did not like what they say. Donald Trump has stated a civil war by racist and bikers if he was removed from office. President Trump just called a Democrat who stopped his campaign a "bast***d". Why would the President of the United States demean the office of the Presidency in such a way? Because President Donald Trump believes he is a King of America by divine powers and is above the law and Constitution and moral decency. After decades of listening to the Conservatives cry about the immorality of the Clinton's and the King Mentality of President Obama, you conservatives elect the most immoral child of the beast to be President. His sexual predator past has been well documented in the press and in his many divorce settlements. His sexual exploits kept semi-secret by his attorneys and the tabloids who bought the rights to the sexual assaults. After getting a sweetheart deal by a conservative justice department the tabloids just had to admit they did that with no releasing of details. Donald Trump has been plagued by thousands of lawsuits by contractors that he and his sons stiffed in pay for work they did. These suits were put on hold until after his presidency because unlike previous Presidents Donald Trump did not relinquish control over his financial holdings. This gave Presidential blanket coverage to all his businesses. How dishonest is that? He refuses to release his taxes. How dishonest is that? He uses the same off-site computer system that got Hillary Clinton in trouble and so does his family and personal attorneys. Why is it bad when Hillary Clinton did it and Donald Trump and his people can do the same thing. Even Donald Trump's personal phone is a non-government issue so his calls will not be officially recorded. How is that not suspicious?

You can keep acting like a good little Conservative Cultist of Trump and turn a complete blind eye to his crimes and immorality but the rest of us non-Trump Cultists will keep defending America against tyrants, racist, sexual perverts and child abusers.

Also, why was President Trump's personal attorney involved in the Ukraine scandal, to begin with? He is not a registered diplomat nor part of the state department. So why was he talking to Ukraine about the Bidens? As the Presidents personal attorney he is not allowed to handle any affair of state. And yet he is in the middle of this scandal. Can You explain his Jim Weis? Or are you only writing to attack Democrats and ignore the evils of your own house?

As for pro-life you fail to identify them for their real agenda as anti-Christian and Anti-American. In America, we do not enslave women to have children. As real Christian knows there is no Biblical reference to abortion in the Bible or any Holy texts nor Historical documents. Non-what so ever. Any priest or preacher who claims there is a false prophet. Pro-life was the inspiration of a religious group that fled Europe to come to America in the 1800s. They found a voice among Doctors who believed the entire midwife system should be made illegal. The reason was not to outlaw abortion but to make sure only trained doctors could perform them. They would have a monopoly. But these doctors overplayed their hand because once elected officials got involved common sense was thrown out the window. With a very vocal but small group of anti-abortionists pressing on these public officials abortion was outlawed. This was a political move without women's rights being considered since women had very little rights especially in matters of religion. For anti-abortionist to get their way America will have to enslave women to have children against their will. They will do this by using the laws they will create. Currently, as a right to life, Matt Bevin has created laws to restrict the ability for women to get legal abortions in Kentucky by using lies and corrupt judges. To force abortion clinics to have admitting rights into hospitals that are corrupt is a moral crime. Matt Bevin already knew Hospitals with names like Jewish and Baptist would never do the decent thing and let the Abortion clinics have admitting rights. The system was rigged and that is not in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Evil is being spread in Jesus Christ's name which diminishes his teachings. How many people have been shamed and turned away by these churches of false prophets? Which one do you go to? Just like Christians who went to church every Sunday when slavery was legal in America and sing hymns and never questioned there slave-owning lifestyle you anti-abortionist are morally no different. You believe you're on a mission from God that only exists in the minds of people. Just like the acceptance of slavery was only in people's minds and not the will of God. Matt Bevin has committed evil through lies and deceptions. He has violated his oath of office by dividing this state. His economic team has made economic deals that they will not release to the public. BlackJewell is a perfect example.No taxes paid, No mandatory deposit into the worker's fund. But because of Conservative majorities in Kentucky's legislature no investigations into why and how this happened. Matt Bevin wrote a check to the area affected using Kentucky taxpayer money to silence everyone. The local officials make a stink with no money. How can you Conservatives support such corruption? You will all vote Conservative no matter what they have done because you people have proven you have no real morals, no ethics, and no real Christian values.

As usual, I challenge you and your fellow cultist to a discussion of your opinions and issues facing Kentucky, America and the World. We can have The News-Enterprise and other news networks to cover it.

Welcome to the discussion.

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