One person has all the answers

After reading the article titled “HCS may increase tax rates this fall” in the June 24 edition of The News-Enterprise, I came up with a very good idea to try and save county taxpayers some money. Let’s terminate the employment of the Hardin County school superintendent, all of the school board members save one, the finance director for the district, the chief operations officer and all other personnel that advise the current school board and let Kay Sharon run the show. It seems she already does so. We shouldn’t need to pay the salaries of all those other useless personnel.

In her own statement, she recently chastised board member Ben Sego who happened to disagree with a statement she made by telling him she had been in public education for more than 40 years and she knew what she was talking about. It appears Mr. Sego had the temperament to handle her somewhat rude comments toward him. I know people that wouldn’t have and I think she would have gotten an earful in response.

Back in my day, we called a person who acted in the manner of Kay Sharon a “bully.” The Hardin County school district does have policies against bullying doesn’t it? What about bullying on the actual school board? If not, they should get them.

It was a very poor example to set, especially by a board member. After 40-plus years, maybe it’s time for Ms. Sharon to find something new to do. Perhaps she should contact Greg Stumbo and attempt to get on his team. If you watched him in action several years back in the Kentucky House, you would have seen he also knew it all and was very rude and arrogant. Seems like these two have a lot in common and would make a good team.

Ms. Sharon might be taking a big chance though. Stumbo’s people voted him out last time. If she chooses to stay on the school board, hopefully the residents of her district also will say “enough is enough” and do the same.

In my younger days, we used to call similar situations “putting the heifer out to pasture.” That time is long overdue in her case.

Paul Rose


Vote for change to address taxes

How can the Hardin County School Board need more money? The board and 20 hand-picked sidekicks can’t figure out the problems and how to fix the situation they have made. How do they know they need more money if they don’t know what they are going to do? How can a board member say they need the maximum revenue increase – 4 percent – every year?

Remember, this is the same outfit that just bragged on themselves on how lucky we were to have them and how great they are. Again, when someone tells you how great a job they’re doing, they’re doing what they are best at — telling you.

Hardin Fiscal Court again passed the maximum tax increase burden on to county taxpayers without event any discussion. What good are magistrates if they won’t stand up for the people they are supposed to represent?

Oops, I forgot. They think they are doing great also.

The point is not that I myself could do a better job than Fiscal Court, our judge-executive and our Hardin County School Board is doing. I believe any third grader who can add and subtract could do a better job. I don’t think that could be worse than what we have now.

Our founding fathers went to war because of taxation – tea tax, stamp tax, sugar tax – imposed on them by a tyrant king and his court. I don’t think war would help Hardin County. An act of God, maybe.

Again, county business needs to be voted on by the people, not a few who just want to blow our money and brag about it.

A total change in our elected officials would be a start. Then we could get rid of some unelected ones.

We know what has to be done. Vote change, not party. Then pray hard every day that our county doesn’t get in any deeper by imposing more taxes and wasting on money before change can happen.

Royce Kerfoot


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