Challenging viewpoints of county judge

Our county judge-executive thinks “we the people of Hardin County” do not own HMH. He should check to see who is paying the hospital bills. These people should have been consulted about the sale of the hospital. The judge may not have a sense of place, but we do and that place is here. These people remember when patients were taken in baggage cars from the railroad station to Louisville hospitals. Civic groups, Boy Scouts, police and firefighters went door to door raising money. Families donated, some making monthly pledges.

Louisville hospitals are in financial trouble. But we are signing on with Baptist Health, which is Louisville based. Our dollars will be going to Louisville. They should be staying here. HMH has, in many ways, surpassed Louisville hospitals in medical science in recent years simply because Hardin County is wealthier.

We can and will, if given the chance, take care of our own. It is one of the few hospitals whose bond rating has been increasing.

Somehow fiscal court and the HMH Foundation, of which I was a charter member, have been told how health care will be in the future. This is hogwash. Health care is debated politically every day. The future is unknown.

It appears to be true that democracy dies in the dark, which is what happened with Hardin Fiscal Court’s steering committee. The idea that Circuit Court would shield the business interests of Baptist Health is in question. When did we decide to favor a company’s finances above the public’s need to know? What happened to government for the people? We are told that the need to protect the business of the hospital is more important than transparency. Fiscal Court succeeded for two years to hide the fact that it was negotiating the sale.

Circuit Court says the KRS are not written to accommodate such a complicated process as the sale of a hospital. If the Kentucky legislature will allow fiscal court to operate anyway it sees fit, then why did they write any statutes concerning the sale of public property?

Larry Hall


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