Use debate as teaching opportunity

Thank God it’s over and Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to Supreme Court of the United States.

It has been painful and frustrating to watch the desecration of what should be an honorable and somewhat straightforward process, but the Democrats have been debasing nearly everything they touch for at least 50 years. This latest exposition of orchestrated depravity should scare the bejeebers out of everyone whose name is not Jeff Flake. Their willingness to destroy two families in pursuit of their illegitimate goals is breathtaking.

This can be a teaching moment and that is the good news. For those who are not possessed of 50 or 30 or even 20 years of observing the Democratic playbook being played out, you have witnessed a representative sample of their behavior.

For all of this, we probably can be assured that they have not yet found the bottom of their ideological pit. And that is the bad news.

Claud Richardson


‘Ideal’ candidates offer lists of leadership and service

Two of the most qualified residents of Hardin County and Elizabethtown asked that I write letters of endorsement for their candidacies for political offices. They both are extremely well qualified for the offices they are seeking.

Lisa Boone is a lifelong resident of Hardin County, has two adopted daughters and has given herself in service on numerous boards and committees of Hardin County civic organizations.

Lisa is a Hardin County magistrate and has spent countless hours with the county judge-executive and magistrates evaluating the sale of Hardin Memorial Hospital to Baptist Health. After prolonged deliberation, the decision was made to sell HMH to Baptist Health. Initially, I was against the sale of the hospital but after research of the pros and cons, I believe a wise decision was made.

Additionally, I cannot say anything about Lisa without considering what she has done and continues doing promoting growth of new businesses in Hardin County. She has promoted entrepreneurism throughout this region of Kentucky and job growth has resulted from her creative activities.

The entire community benefits from her re-election.

Ben LaRue was raised in Hodgen­ville. After graduation from high school he attended college in Missouri. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in business administration from West­minster and returned to Kentucky to join the Owen Financial Group.

He is married to Laura LaRue. They have served the Central Kentucky area in business and civic improvement capacities.

Ben has served in a leadership capacity on:

1. Elizabethtown/Hardin County Industrial Foundation

2. Noon Rotary Club

3. Chamber of Commerce

4. Central Kentucky Com­munity Foundation

5. Hosparus of Central Kentucky

6. Community Health Clinic

And, as chairman of Elizabeth­town Police Foundation, Civil Service Commission, United Way and Eliza­bethtown Code Enforcement Board.

These candidates deserve the votes of all eligible voters. Look around and see the new businesses that are sprouting up. These things just don’t happen without good leadership.

Lisa Boone and Ben LaRue are leaders and ideal candidates for the votes of all residents. They have my vote, I hope they receive yours.

Robert E. Robbins M.D.


Take a careful look at qualifications in E’town

Most of us remember Hans Chris­tian Andersen’s story of “The Em­peror’s New Clothes.” Swindlers told the emperor they could weave magic cloth which foolish folks could not see but wise folks could. Everyone pretended the emperor’s new clothes were wonderful until a child exclaimed again and again that he was not wearing any clothes. Finally, everyone laughed at the emperor and agreed he was not wearing any clothes.

Today’s parallel saga involves candidates for Elizabeth­town mayor and their credentials.

Jeff Gregory is a nice guy who graduated from high school and served as a deputy sheriff and then a state trooper, but never served as a supervisor to my knowledge and never dealt with budgets at all. Being a nice 43-year-old retiree does not seem to be enough qualifications to be mayor of a city with complicated problems and a high-dollar budget.

Wishing one has proper credentials does not make it so.

However, Ben LaRue’s credentials are impressive. He is the owner of a 24-year-old financial advisory firm, which manages more than $100 million in assets. His hard work in redeveloping downtown brought Impelliezzeri’s to E’town.

Ben has been an active community leader serving as a director of E’town/Hardin County Industrial Foundation, founder and chairman of the E’town Police Foundation, past chairman of the United Way of Central Kentucky, past advisory board member of Hosparus of Central Kentucky, past chairman of E’town Civil Service Commission, past treasurer of Central Kentucky Com­munity Foundation, past steering committee member of the Community Health Clinic of Hardin and LaRue Counties, member of E’town Noon Rotary and member of Chamber of Commerce.

Ben desires to bring people together with a shared vision to make E’town the best it can be.

E’town is the 10th largest Kentucky city with a $70 million budget, 400 employees, 30,000 residents and a multitude of businesses. Our new mayor will be the chief executive officer of the business we know as Elizabethtown.

Comparing the credentials of Jeff and Ben, I believe the best qualified is Ben LaRue, a proven leader who gets things done and he is also a nice guy.

Jim Weise


Pension fraud should be issue for elected officials

I have been told there is a bill in the Kentucky legislature that proposes to tax everyone who receives a Kentucky government pension, including those who receive a pension of less than $30K a year. Why don’t we have a law to go after illegal double-dipper pension fraud as defined by statute KRS 61.637 Section 13?

This abuse has caused $1 billion a year pension fraud. Illegal double dippers should be fined $100 a day and the amount taken out of their pension check until they decide to stop receiving and return their illegal pension.

Why are mayors and county judge-executives not firing managers receiving an illegal pension? This would save the taxpayers from paying illegal double dippers another pension in a few years when they retire again. Managers, administrators and legislators who receive a legitimate pension and are rehired receiving a pension and a salary should be the ones being taxed heavily. Those who receive small pensions as well as taxpayers should not be paying for illegal double dippers.

I will not be voting for any legislator who supports raising our taxes to support illegal double dippers. It is time our legislators do their jobs and hold those accountable for their greed.

Also, it was decided by politicians to make it more difficult for a write-in candidate to win. Why would our government make it harder for a write-in candidate? You’d think our government would want to give those interested in running for office an equal chance of getting in. Who does it benefit when our government makes it difficult to win a race? Kentucky ranked at the top for political corruption.

Some elected officials receive a gene­rous pension and a very generous salary and will receive another pension unless we vote them out soon. Who pays the elected officials salary and pension? We the taxpayers. I will vote for write-in candidate Bonnie Wheeler as Hardin County sheriff.

I will vote based on trying to save taxpayers’ money, not the political party. We don’t have politicians who are Republicans and Democrats, we have politicians who are wasting taxpayers’ money.

Dolly Guenthner


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Dr. Mr. Bilz, Braxton, and Randall:

I am an undecided voter. What party should I vote for in the next election. I am concerned about Mr. Trump's rhetoric, but I can't stand them bleeding heart libs. Any suggestions?


Claud Richardson:

After 50 years of watching Republicans from Tricky Dlck Nixon to Red Ink Reagan to the present demagog who runs the White House like George Wallace ran Alabama, I can say if you look into the pit of vile present-day politics, you will see Donald Jerkweed Trump at the bottom.

-- Greg

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