Today's Opinions

  • Out of the darkness

    ISSUE: Domestic violence in your neighborhood
    OUR VIEW: This issue should concern everyone

    A multi-part series detailing the horrors of domestic violence concludes today.

    It has provided chilling details of personal experiences and focused on shameful activities going on quietly among our neighbors, friends and family.

  • Even when you don't notice, God is at work

    Did God just speak to me from that lemon tree?

    God is in details, I am supposed to believe, but I was having trouble finding him inside that lemon tree.

    Actually, I didn’t even realize the darn thing was a tree. It looked like a plant, although a tree is a plant, I’ve since learned.

  • Honoree meets every definition

    ISSUE: Boy Scouts present Distinguished Citizen Award
    OUR VIEW: Marilyn Ford contributes in many ways

    Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines distinguished as notable, prominent or celebrated or as being marked by eminence, distinction or excellence.

  • Restoring a child's faith in humanity

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    Girl Scouts teach young people about the value of integrity.

    The organization describes it as the foundation of success. The girls learn that integrity is based upon ethical decisions and relies upon building trust through honesty and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

  • Domestic violence deserves attention every day, always

    TOPIC: Families struggle daily with this darkness
    OUR VIEW: We all need to stand up for each other

    Since 1995, October has been recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. But domestic violence needs our attention every minute of every day.

    For many, it’s a matter of life and death.

  • Heartland Festival's death contains reminder for us all

    The Heartland Festival is dead at age 32. Long live our memories of it.

    Once listed among Kentucky’s top 10 summer attractions, the festival has been on life support for some time.

    If you have attended in recent years, it may be hard to remember just how central it became to the local summer experience.

  • LIFT: Kentucky Chamber says vote yes

    The global competition for talent is fierce. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving the Commonwealth to attract top talent. One way to do that is to give local communities tools to invest for their future opportunities and growth.

  • LIFT: State Retail Federation says vote no

    The state Senate is poised to consider a new tax that reportedly will put a half a billion dollars in the coffers of county and city governments across this commonwealth.