Today's Opinions

  • Lower pump prices also trim road funds

    Like everyone, I’m really enjoying the dramatic drop in gasoline prices. And like many, I believe I’m already paying more than my share of taxes. So when I think about someone wanting me to pay more taxes on a gallon of gas, my first reaction is “no way!”

  • Paying for city's help at events

    ISSUE: Elizabethtown seeks event reimbursements
    OUR VIEW: Council must consider all impacts of issue

    Elizabethtown City Council is faced with another decision that could impact quality of life in the community.

  • Simple lessons from a super game

    A week has passed and Super Bowl XLIX continues to be a point of conversation.

    This is not the Sports page, but I think there are interesting life lessons that can be derived from what we saw and how we reacted.

    It was a competitive and, therefore, exciting contest throughout. Much of the chatter comes down to a late goal-line decision by the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Feb. 6, 2015: Our readers write

    Addressing reasons behind last letter

    I see where my last letter raised the hackles of a local liberal. Given that she just came back from D.C. to decorate the White House for Christmas, I fully understand why she objected to my reference to the Golf Pro in Chief.

  • Megasite is ready for Volvo

    ISSUE: Auto manufacturer’s interest in Glendale
    OUR VIEW: More ready now than ever before

    Whispers of Volvo’s interest in a North American manufacturing facility centered on hints that Kentucky was in consideration as well as the Carolinas.

  • Be it ever so humble

    TOPIC: Habitat for Humanity’s container project
    OUR VIEW: Organization is a big help for many

    Habitat for Humanity gives hope to people, helping to provide them with a safe roof over their heads. Sometimes it’s the first safe roof they have seen in months or years.

  • Feb. 5, 2015: Our readers write

    Volvo does not change history

  • Try a ‘stop day’ to boost your get-up-and-go needs

    “I’m tired,” my son, Dave, told me.

    He was driving back from Cincinnati again after another long day.

    “You’re too young to get tired,” I responded.

    I’m sure he found about as much comfort in my words as I did when I, at about his age, told my dad I was tired.