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  • Final thoughts on UK’s season

    ISSUE: UK's basketball season ends early
    OUR VIEW: Final game should not define season

  • April 7, 2015: Our readers write

    Erasing free choice in meals

    How much more freedom of choice do you want to lose? Today’s government continues to stick its nose into every level of our lives.

  • Faith expressed through action

    Linda Maree’s vision of helping those in need start their day with a nourishing meal and an encouraging word has become a reality with The Master’s Kitchen.

  • New scam tracker helps report issues

    The Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky is proud to announce a new way for consumers to report scams.

    BBB’s Scam Tracker is a website that allows consumers to report schemes and review other cases of fraud occurring across the United States – and in their local areas.

  • Welcome to ADG and all it means

    ISSUE: Incentives for Atlas Development Group
    OUR VIEW: New firm keeps expertise locally

    A newly established local firearm and ammunition industry development firm is among more than a dozen Kentucky businesses recently approved to receive state incentives for business investment, expansion or job creation.

  • Going solar a good move

    ISSUE: Here comes the sun
    OUR VIEW: A positive strategy for power independence

    Rich Griendling has a very unique relationship with Nolin RECC — he is not only a customer but also a vendor.

  • April 2, 2015: Our readers write

    More alcohol is not the answer

    I have read with much interest stories about a number of crimes that took place in the area from Sept. 16 to March 1, including murder, abuse, rape, assault, theft, home invasion, kidnapping, arson, mistreatment of women and a mutilated body.

  • Show pride in what you value

    ISSUE: Pride Week for Elizabethtown Independent Schools
    OUR VIEW: Traditions must be taught, nurtured

    As spring break approaches, Elizabethtown Independent Schools is celebrating the district’s traditions and values.

    This observance is more than a pep rally. It’s about preserving a heritage.