Today's Opinions

  • Feb. 13, 2015: Our readers write

    Someone is playing games with gas

    I know this is not a new topic and I really appreciate the gas prices coming down. But why are they going back up? I saw on the TV news where the distributor said they raise the price and lower it to make it balance out. Why don’t they find a medium, a fair price and stick to it?

  • Dear Valentine: Be heart healthy

    ISSUE: February is American Heart Month
    OUR VIEW: Build awareness and take action

    In February, when Valentine’s Day focuses our attention on matters of the heart, health issues also should come to mind.

  • Civilization depends upon our resolve and convictions

    Righteousness, as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary, is acting in a just, upright and virtuous manner. It means being morally right. The belief that there are moral absolutes to guide human behavior has become an anathema to many in western civilized nations.

  • Honoring unknown heroes of history

    ISSUE: February is Black History Month
    OUR VIEW: This year, remember Selma

    February is the month our nation annually remembers and celebrates the significant achievements and lasting impact of black Americans from our past.

  • Try a bit more Valentine’s in your Lent and vice versa

    Valentine’s Day precedes Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent by only four days this year. What a contrast in these two days.

    Valentine’s Day is a time when many couples celebrate their love with cards, flowers and gifts — often in some form of chocolate. (If you eat equal amounts of white chocolate and dark chocolate, is that a balanced diet?)

  • Kentucky hero speaks up for smoke-free bill

    As a veteran, I fought to protect the personal liberties of all Americans. Personal freedom is one of our most treasured values.

    One of the most vital freedoms is the freedom to breathe clean air. When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

  • New team on post celebrates today

    ISSUE: Army’s Recruiting and Retention School
    OUR VIEW: Welcome Fort Knox’s newest mission

    In recent years, the community has experienced many exits at Fort Knox but today is a time to celebrate a key new arrival.

  • Feb. 10, 2015: Our readers write

    Military has container homes

    Habitat for Humanity does amazing things and the Habitat for Humanity of Elizabethtown is no exception.

    However, in the Feb. 5 editorial in The News-Enterprise, Larry Mengel is quoted as saying, “We’re basically inventing everything we’re doing.”