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  • The state's best are here

    ISSUE: Statewide recognitions
    OUR VIEW: The best reside here

    While it’s not the first statewide contest, competitive cheerleading has moved to a new plateau. With recognition from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, it  officially is a sport.

  • Searching for a cure for loneliness

    “I’ve been lonely for quite some time now. It hangs over me like a black cloud and follows me wherever I go. At times I can escape it, but it seems like it always waiting there…”

    I’d heard similar confessions before from others. I’ve heard it from my own voice within, at times, too.

    People get lonely. Some studies list loneliness as the most common anxiety of people today. Some estimate as many as 50 percent of the population experiences chronic loneliness.

    Someone you know is lonely.

  • Feb. 24, 2012: Our readers write

    On firearms

  • State hears childbirth alternative debate

    ISSUE: Birthing center in Elizabethtown
    OUR VIEW: It's a matter of choice

    Birth is a hospital business. It’s indisputable.

    Laboring and delivering in a hospital gown, in a hospital bed, just a gurney ride away from emergency care, is the norm. Almost 99 percent of babies born in America are born in a hospital.

  • Feb. 22, 2013: Our readers write

    Christianity’s future

  • Improvements at Millpond

    ISSUE: Attracting development
    Getting ready for business

  • Feb. 21, 2013: Our readers write

    No comparison of struggles

    Last month, I expressed views about the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. Did the Nobel Peace Prize which Dr. King received in 1964 reveal an opportunity for profit? After Dr. King died, “career” civil rights activism exploded. “Wannabe” community activists in this county obstructed, diverted and manipulated outside media coverage during my 2003 Hardin County School Board incident. 

  • Investing time with Radcliff First

    ISSUE: Luncheon meeting in Radcliff
    OUR VIEW: Good way to spend midday

    Whether you’re operating a business in Radcliff, interested in doing business in Radcliff or curious about the state of business in Radcliff, you should be at a midday meeting today at Colvin Community Center.