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  • Pay attention to public input

    ISSUE: Radcliff mayor’s salary raised by council
    OUR VIEW: Process could have been better

    Whoever steps into office in the position of mayor of the city of Radcliff will be doing so with a nice pay increase.

  • Christmas greetings offer perspective for the new year

    New Year’s resolutions can be elusive. Deciding what you want to change about yourself requires more insight and personal examination than most of us are willing to undergo.

    But this year, I just may have found a reservoir of ideas. And they came in the mail.

    Before discarding your collection of Christmas cards, give them another examination. Seriously consider the printed messages. When you truly embrace these greetings from family, friends and associates, you’ll discover a rich supply of new priorities for the new year.

  • Column by Jim Waters
  • Hard to 'Duck' controversy
    ISSUE: Phil Robertson and A&E
    OUR VIEW: Offensive remark, offensive reaction
    When “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson expressed his views on a variety of topics that included statements regarding homosexuality, executives of the A&E network acted surprised. It was as if they had no idea that Robertson felt the way he did. 
  • Congress still isn't acting responsibly
    By Lee Hamilton
    Congress is winding down its historically unproductive session with a small flurry of activity. It’s a welcome change, but so long overdue that it can’t possibly make up for what should have been accomplished on Capitol Hill this year.
  • We celebrate the act of giving

    TOPIC: Christmas giving
    Helping others is what it's all about

    Maybe you were standing outside of a business, ringing a bell and watching strangers reach into their pockets and purses for some loose change or a few dollar bills and drop it into a kettle.

    Or maybe it was selecting a name on a Christmas tree with a wish list that was more about a child's clothing needs for survival than entertainment, and the way reaching out to help someone you will never know, felt good.

  • WKU leaders support engineering initiative

    Dr. Gary A. Ransdell

    President, Western Kentucky University

    Dr. Cheryl Stevens

    Dean, Ogden College of Science and Engineering, WKU

    The mayors of Kentucky’s two largest cities are calling for more funding to train more engineers as a way to expand manufacturing clout.

  • Another look at recent honorees