Today's Opinions

  • April 15, 2015: Our readers write

    Hard to believe in nuclear deal

    I have no idea why the U.S. would have any hope that the Iranian government would honor any agreements with us. Their most consistent policy towards the West seems to be “Death to the America” or “Death to Israel.”

  • Sustaining our home

    ISSUE: EarthFest 2015 activities locally
    OUR VIEW: Sponsors providing many opportunities

    This week, Elizabethtown Com­­munity and Technical College and the Hardin County Earthcare Collaboration present EarthFest 2015: Sustaining Our Earth, Our Home.

  • Honoring No. 5 in a noble manner

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    Brianna Taylor, who graduated last June from Elizabethtown High School, played a lot of softball in her young life. More than hits and runs, she also scored by making friends.

  • April 14, 2015: Our readers write

    Offering assessment of Paul

    I attended Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential announcement at the Galt House. I enjoyed the event because it was fun to experience a campaign kickoff, but it was hard to take the candidate seriously at times.

  • Tips on avoiding fraud

    Millions of people lose money every year, because of fraud. They become victims over the phone, from emails, from the mail and over the Internet. They are tricked to send money or give out their personal information.

    Here are things you can do to protect yourself against fraud.

  • Wearing a helmet only makes sense

    ISSUE: Motorcycle safety and helmet use
    OUR VIEW: Free to choose, so make a smart choice

    The issue of helmet use is a topic most motorcyclists can be considerably passionate about.

  • Volunteers are vital to our communities

    In today’s society, our lives give us less opportunity to give our time to things that don’t give us financial benefit. As a result, community events and volunteer-run programs start to go away.

  • Premier status recognized

    ISSUE: Animal Control wins Agency of the Year
    OUR VIEW: Community, staff drive excellence

    The Hardin County Animal Shelter has been named the Ken­tucky Animal Control Agency of the Year.