Today's Opinions

  • County Fair is most progressive

    ISSUE: Hardin County Community Fair recognized
    OUR VIEW: State association’s award is deserved

    Hardin County loves its county fair.

  • What to do when your email is hacked

    as your email account been hacked? Individual accounts are hijacked by scammers all of the time, sending spam to victims’ contact lists.

    How can you tell if you have been hacked?

    Often, you will hear from people you know who have received an unlikely message with your name on it.

  • Lower pump prices also trim road funds

    Like everyone, I’m really enjoying the dramatic drop in gasoline prices. And like many, I believe I’m already paying more than my share of taxes. So when I think about someone wanting me to pay more taxes on a gallon of gas, my first reaction is “no way!”

  • Paying for city's help at events

    ISSUE: Elizabethtown seeks event reimbursements
    OUR VIEW: Council must consider all impacts of issue

    Elizabethtown City Council is faced with another decision that could impact quality of life in the community.

  • Simple lessons from a super game

    A week has passed and Super Bowl XLIX continues to be a point of conversation.

    This is not the Sports page, but I think there are interesting life lessons that can be derived from what we saw and how we reacted.

    It was a competitive and, therefore, exciting contest throughout. Much of the chatter comes down to a late goal-line decision by the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Feb. 6, 2015: Our readers write

    Addressing reasons behind last letter

    I see where my last letter raised the hackles of a local liberal. Given that she just came back from D.C. to decorate the White House for Christmas, I fully understand why she objected to my reference to the Golf Pro in Chief.

  • Megasite is ready for Volvo

    ISSUE: Auto manufacturer’s interest in Glendale
    OUR VIEW: More ready now than ever before

    Whispers of Volvo’s interest in a North American manufacturing facility centered on hints that Kentucky was in consideration as well as the Carolinas.

  • Be it ever so humble

    TOPIC: Habitat for Humanity’s container project
    OUR VIEW: Organization is a big help for many

    Habitat for Humanity gives hope to people, helping to provide them with a safe roof over their heads. Sometimes it’s the first safe roof they have seen in months or years.