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  • April 15, 2012: Our readers write

    Enough special sessions already

    Once again, the Kentucky legislature has failed to take care of business in the regular legislative session. At a time when state employees can’t receive annual raises and retirees can’t receive cost-of-living raises, the governor must call a special legislative session to address the transportation bill.

  • No. 15 is a pretty healthy ranking

    ISSUE: Hardin County's health
    OUR VIEW: There’s room for improvement

    Earlier this month, the County Health Ranking listed Hardin County as the 15th healthiest of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

    Although the county dropped from its rank of 14 in 2011, there were some good nuggets — and not the fast-food kind — to be found in the report.

    For example, Hardin County’s rates for premature death, excessive drinking and motor vehicle crash deaths were lower than state averages.

  • Minister offers arguments in favor of jailhouse baptisms

     Christianity is the one true religion of the one true God. I make no apologies for that statement.

    Although God loves all mankind, he sent his son into the world so that the world through him might be saved. Jesus claimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

  • April 13, 2012: Our readers write

     Objective sources should offer counterpoints

  • Accomplishments that deserve recognition

     From time to time to ensure that special efforts receive their due, we stop to review accomplishments in the community and offer a few well-deserved kudos.

    PURPLE HEART EFFORTS. Irvin Lyons Jr. of Vine Grove came home from Vietnam with two Purple Heart medals but found a country critical of the war effort and taking it out on soldiers.

    When you’ve been putting your life at risk in service to your country, it’s hard to return to harsh criticism and being called baby killers.

    He has not forgotten the feeling.

  • April 12, 2012: Our readers write

    Let the law take its course

    I am writing to agree with the conclusion from a recent letter on the Treyvon Martin killing. Vigilante justice is wrong and should not be tolerated in a law-abiding society. Given that, I am disgusted with the rush to justice shown by the mainstream media and certain self-appointed leaders in the black community.

  • Veterans eligible for new state ID

    ISSUE: Veterans designation on state driver's license 
    OUR VIEW: A fitting tribute and a tangible benefit

    At a time when veterans benefits are under attack in Washington and viewed as little more than bill payers for other more important programs, it is heartening to see the Kentucky state legislature take another meaningful step to recognize and show tangible appreciation for Kentucky’s veterans.

  • April 11, 2012: Our readers write

    Denying baptism

    It has been good to see many express their desire to turn their lives around through jail ministry.  The greatest power to change hearts is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.