Today's Opinions

  • Sept. 6, 2013: Our readers write

    Shut out of the parade

    I own and run Sinister Tombs Haunted House in Hardin County. We are a small, family-run haunted house and take great pride in having been in Hardin County since 2001.

    Until 2012, we had been accepted in the Heartland Festival parade in Elizabethtown every year. We were denied entry in 2012, saying we were too scary.

  • Step out to honor first responders

    ISSUE: Tuesday’s parade for 9/11 heroes

    OUR VIEW: Community should show appreciation

    It’s been a dozen years since terrorists attacked America by hijacking commercial airliners to create a series of flying missiles. Lives were destroyed and our sense of security stolen.

  • Sept. 5, 2013: Our readers write

    Not qualified

    The racist agenda has been going on longer than before the Martin/Zimmerman story. It is sad most of those who are trying to bring the “forces” to bear are members of the black community.

    It is now being reported Charles Rangel has thrown out the rule book. In an interview, Mr. Rangel had the guts to say: “members of the Tea Party are nothing but a bunch of racist people ... who want to keep the black man down.”

  • Sunrise has long history of serving children

    In our efforts to help the children of Kentucky, Sunrise Children's Services has, for nearly a century, relied on Hardin County to play a vital role in our work.

    At Sunrise, our legacy involves not only our past history of caring for children, but also our ability to change and adapt so we can continue to serve those needs today and in years to come.

  • HMH environment is moving on up

    ISSUE: HMH “roof raising” celebration
    North Tower is another step in improvement

    Hardin Memorial Hospital administrators and trustees have been planning and working on a variety of actions within a comprehensive multi-year master plan geared toward gains in physician recruitment and retention, improvement of patient services and enhancement of hospital facilities. Details of the next step in the plan were unveiled during a recent ceremony on hospital grounds.

  • Sept. 4, 2013: Our readers write

    Apology too late

    I was living in a small town in southwest Virginia. My husband was stationed in Vietnam as an artillery sergeant. 

  • Oldham leads by example

    TOPIC: County attorney’s honor
    A long road to award

    It certainly is not why Jenny Oldham became a county attorney, but her recent recognition as Kentucky’s County Attorney of the Year is a nice acknowledgement of the work she has accomplished in a short time on the job.

    Elected in 2010, Oldham has made noticeable changes.

  • When lonely, lost facing a blown tire, put on the Ritz

    I was remembering an old story the other day about a businessman barreling through the countryside in his Lincoln Town Car. The guy is hopelessly lost and stops in a little one-horse town, pulling into a service station in the days when service stations were actually service stations.

    The attendant saunters out, chewing on a straw, and asks the man what he needs.

    “I’m lost,” the businessman confesses.

    The gas station attendant squints at the driver and asks, “Do you know where you are?”