Today's Opinions

  • May 5, 2014: Our readers write

    Classification’s ironic end
    It is good to see that the Kentucky legislature finally took action to amend the state’s city classification law, even though it took 20 years for it to do so.
    Elizabethtown city government has received a form of absolution for its outright defiance of the city classification laws based on population that existed when they imposed the 2 percent restaurant tax on our citizens.

  • Scramble for cash threatens voice of people

    Many trends in American politics and government today make me worry about the health of our representative democracy. These include the decline of Congress as a powerful, coequal branch of government, the accumulation of power in the presidency and the impact of money on the overall political process.

  • May 2, 2014: Our readers write

    Vote May 20 based on your values

    A recent letter titled “Derby Isn’t Only Important Race” was in support of our 30-year senator, Mitch McConnell. The writer spoke of Sen. McConnell being an experienced candidate over a well-funded newcomer, Matt Bevin. Let us review some facts (votes) of Sen. McConnell, who is conservative in Kentucky but more liberal with his votes in the Senate.   

  • Derby daze

    ISSUE: 140th running of America’s greatest race

    OUR VIEW: Derby is a time to be safe

    The Kentucky Derby is here. What an exciting time it is for all Kentuckians as we celebrate the 140th running of the Great American Race.

    The Derby is a lot more than a horse race at Churchill Downs. The annual festival brings us steamboats and aerial shows, fireworks and the Pegasus Parade. Louisville is abuzz with celebrities and celebrations.

  • Big honors for local students

    KUDOS: Recognizing positives in our community

    The area will be well represented in June at the annual Kentucky-Indiana high school basketball series.

    LaRue County High School senior Ivy Brown was an automatic choice after her selection earlier this spring as Kentucky’s Miss Basketball. She will have the honor of wearing the No. 1 jersey.

  • May 1, 2014: Our readers write

    Consider foster kids this month

    May is National Foster Care Month and we would like to take this opportunity to thank foster and kinship parents in our community for their hard work and dedication to families across our region.

    This month provides the opportunity to thank the foster families who provide homes and love to children who need them. Foster parents often become the substitute family for the youth regardless of how long they stay — be it an hour or a lifetime.

  • Work Ready Communities

    ISSUE: Kentucky Work Ready Community certification
    Added value for new employers

    Worker skill certifications are important. Any human resources recruiting executive will confirm this fact. Whether the certification is intended to measure proficiency with soft technological or hard trade-related skills, an employee who has achieved such documented qualification and ability more often than not is viewed more favorably as a potential new employee than those who have none.

  • Honoring Isaiah and Addison Jo

    TOPIC: Legacies of children continue to grow
    OUR VIEW: Work of families serves as inspiration

    Addison Jo Blair was just 3 years old when she died in May 2011 from cancer.

    Isaiah Alonso was 6 when cancer claimed his life in 2010.

    Their courage in the face of nightmarish illness was and continues to be an inspiration. Driven by the legacy of their children, the families still strive daily to better our community.