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  • Column by Gene Polinicski
  • Jan. 19, 2014: Our readers write

    Concerned about congested crossroad

    I have wondered for some time now why there is not a turn signal for the intersection of Ring Road and St. John Road. When factories and schools let out it is very difficult to make turns. Also, the Elizabethtown Sports Park traffic can be included in that when it has events. It is a very unsafe intersection. 

    Hardin County Schools purchased property in this area to build a new G.C. Burkhead Elementary School. That will only increase the traffic on St. John Road. 

  • Soon every call will require an area code

    It’s a clear sign of aging: The more things change, the more you wish they didn’t.

    Here’s the latest example: Beginning Feb. 1, the western half of Kentucky, including our community, will enter into 10-digit dialing.

    Basically, the 270 area code is running low of numbers. Of course, we remember 502 was running short so 270 was created as the cellular surge began.

  • Jan. 17, 2014: Our readers write

    Congressman responds to concern

  • Let's clear the air once and for all

    ISSUE: Proposed statewide smoking ban
    OUR VIEW: All Kentuckians should be protected

    In Hardin County and many other Kentucky communities, it now seems bizarre to walk into a store, office or even restaurant and be met with the haze and distinct smell of tobacco smoke.

    In this area, smoking has been banned from public buildings — including all workplaces — for some time. Now, a statewide ban is again under consideration.

  • Jan. 16, 2014: Our readers write

    Expressing thanks to EIS School Board

    We are hearing a lot lately from school boards who have stepped up and made a case both locally and statewide for restoring and increasing funding for schools. Many different groups make money pitches for so many causes that the temptation may be to lump these school boards in with the rest. But that is not where they should be.

  • Jan. 15, 2014: Our readers write

    Underground hazard remains a hazard

    Now that the word “hazardous” has been eliminated from any articles about the pipeline carrying natural gas liquid byproducts, we don’t have to worry about the composition which contains propane, ethane, butane, pentane and hexane. The Bluegrass Pipeline executives also have stepped in to show how much they care about our community by offering “grants” (bribes) to endear themselves to the residents of the Bluegrass State.  

  • Quiet leader leaves major local impact

    TOPIC: Death of Bob Wade Sr.
    A leader who led by his example

    Hardin County lost one of its finest leaders last week when Bob Wade Sr. died at age 79.

    He wasn’t an elected official, but the impact he made on Hardin County over the last several decades is immeasurable. For decades to come, the imprint Wade leaves on Hardin County and others will continue to live on.