Today's Opinions

  • What we can do about sexual abuse

    ISSUE: Sexual Abuse Awareness Month
    OUR VIEW: Let's take a proactive role

    The first step in improvement is awareness and acknowledgment of a problem.

    In the case of sexual assault, many among us are guilty of overlooking or even denying its existence in our community. That needs to change.

    Sexual assault is a vicious, ugly violation the community actively works to stamp out, particularly where vulnerable children are involved.

  • March 12, 2013: Our readers write

    Keep offices on the square

    It only makes sense to me that the best and least expensive way to bring people and business into downtown Elizabethtown would be to keep all government offices on the square.

    With the recent vote against allowing bars and alcohol by the drink, I see very little likelihood of businesses being able to succeed there. If all government offices were located there, we would be able to save all of the money allotted for downtown revitalization ideas that probably won't work anyway.

  • March 10, 2013: Our readers write

    Hagel a strong choice

    Chuck Hagel was finally confirmed as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense, as he should have been since Obama won the election — decisively.

  • The best is yet to come

    ISSUE: County government relocation
    OUR VIEW: It was inevitable

    If downtown Elizabethtown becomes more of a ghost town, it won’t be Fiscal Court’s fault.

    The recent decision to proceed with planning a government office complex on partially developed county-owned land off Ring Road has brought out critics, most of whom began voicing opposition when the subject was broached in 2007.

  • What an age: News updates are as close as the nearest telephone


    ife changes seemingly occur at light speed in this technologically accelerated world.

    Many of the extraordinary wonders of my childhood science-fiction favorites have jumped off the bookshelves and exist today in my own house. Sometimes the changes are hard to fathom.

  • March 8, 2013: Our readers write

    White House truth in short supply

    Please explain this to me: Senior Homeland Security officer Gary Mead, the man whose job is arresting and deporting illegal immigrants, has suddenly decided to retire in April.

  • Government drops an F-bomb

    ISSUE: Furloughs for federal workers
    OUR VIEW: Long-term problems need long-term solutions

    Many private sector firms have swallowed furloughs to cut expenses. One of the benefits, some budget minders say, is spreading the burden across all employees and avoiding layoffs.

    The state followed suit in 2010, saving $24 million by furloughing employees for six days. Last year, Kentucky court workers were furloughed three days, saving $1.2 million.

  • Time for transparency in Frankfort

    Every year members of the Kentucky General Assembly descend on Frankfort to carry out the duties our residents expect us to do. That expectation includes making sure the legislative process is open and transparent to all Kentuckians.

    But time and time again, and to the frustration of many of us in the Kentucky House of Representatives, the legislative process seems in some cases to be stuck in the back rooms of the Capitol. Never has that been clearer than our efforts to address one of the major issues of the 2013 Session: reforming our public pension system.