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  • Oct. 3, 2012: Our readers write

    Drunken driving is never acceptable

    I have had something I’ve wanted to get off my chest since I saw an article in the newspaper this past week. Since they voted to go wet it looks like DUIs are up by 25 percent according to the article. I don’t know how you voted and that’s your business and your freedom to do so but I can tell you I did not want to see this happen. I live with the possibility that one day my mobility may be limited as the result of a drunken driver who hit me head on.

  • Exploring one unanswerable question

    In the solemn silence of introspective moments, there's one question we most often ask ourselves.

    Who am I?

    The answers are obviously quite individual.

    Sometimes it's defined by a stage of life: Son, husband, father, grandpa all have applied to me. Other times, we respond by simply considering our occupation or our education as if that alone defines anyone.

    In a more probing personal analysis, the answer can be complex. My 7-year-old grandson recently described himself as an inquirer and risk taker.

  • Special honors at local schools

    ISSUE: Kudos for local schools
    OUR VIEW: Always something to praise


  • When you return, it's nice to be welcomed

    “Welcome back, Mr. Whitlock,” the hotel host greeted me as I returned with my wife from an evening out.

    I looked down to see if I had a name tag on my shirt. Almost feeling like a celebrity, I whispered to Lori as we got on the elevator, “How did he know my name?”

    It’s nice to be welcomed back.

    And when someone knows who we are and can call us by name, like the host at the hotel did to me, it makes us feel even more special.

  • Oct. 1, 2012: Our readers write

    Go Green

    As you probably have noticed, the presidential candidates rarely visit Kentucky. The Republican candidate showed up in Louisville to pick up a few bags of money at a private fundraiser and the Democratic candidate scampered across the Ohio River from Cincinnati for a photo with the governor and quickly returned to Ohio.

  • Sept. 30, 2012: Our readers write

    Hope for the future

    On Saturday, Sept. 22, during Radcliff Days, the Optimist Club of Radcliff conducted a pancake breakfast and entered a float in the parade. 

    Previously, the club had sponsored a Junior Optimist Club as part of the Optimist International JOOI program. These junior members were from the Hardin County Schools Junior Leadership Corps of North Middle School and James T. Alton School, with instructors Neal Gibbs, Kenneth Caldwell and support specialist Rudy Garcia.

  • Driving delays equate to points of progress

    hese days, most any drive around Hardin County means encountering a highway work zone. It’s a constant reminder of growth and change.

    Ring Road’s frequently marred these days with a dirt path caused by the frequent crossing of construction vehicles where the widened Rineyville Road one day will intersect. The hillsides along the road, also known as Ky. 1600, are undergoing changes from Helmwood Heights Elementary School to the place where the new connector breaks to the north en route to Radcliff.

  • It’s the patient, stupid

    We find ourselves in an election cycle again and slogans pop into the public consciousness and then fade away. In 1992, James Carville was an adviser to then-Gov. Bill Clinton and famously came up with the simple idea that resonated throughout the electorate: It’s the economy, stupid. With his southern drawl and aggressive attitude, the clear simplicity of the message hit home.