Today's Opinions

  • Oct. 10, 2014: Our readers write

    Keep quality of clerk’s office

  • Building blocks of our future

    ISSUE: Innovation Network’s 100 Ideas of N.O.W.
    OUR VIEW: Opportunities matter to entire community

    Progress requires innovation. Business thrives upon it. And our community will grow with the development of healthy businesses.

  • Groups making a true impact

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    Lincoln Trail Elementary School recently celebrated its partnership with Project Fit America. Thanks to support of the Hardin Memorial Foundation, students at the school on the east side of Elizabethtown are able to enjoy new ways toward wellness.

  • Oct. 9, 2014: Our readers write

    Vote for candidates interested in growth

    With the midterms coming up, our “golf pro in chief” has asked us a simple question: “Are you better off now than you were six years ago?” I have a better question for the people of this area: Are you better off now than you were 20 years ago?

  • Radcliff council reflected voters

    TOPIC: New council member in Radcliff
    OUR VIEW: City council made a logical decision

    The death last month of longtime Radcliff City Councilman Don Shaw put the council in a precarious position as it moved forward to find a replacement to serve out the term, which ends Dec. 31.

  • Oct. 8, 2014: Our readers write

    Supporting the next great idea

    The recent 100 Ideas for N.O.W. held in downtown Elizabethtown made it clear that our area is full of talented people with great ideas.

  • When danger goes to school

    THE ISSUE: Violence at Fern Creek High School
    OUR VIEW: Preparedness and prevention needed

    Dangers that exist in society sometimes enter our schools.

    Once considered a safe haven for children, the level of violence and the frequency of incidents in schools can be alarming.

  • Oct. 7, 2014: Our readers write

    Former opponent backs Lee

    In 2012, I finished second in the area in the state representative race. I lost to the incumbent, Jimmie Lee.

    I have had friends ask who I support in this year’s race. My reply is Jimmie Lee.