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  • Court martial conviction offers degree of closure

    ISSUE: Burke found guilty in court martial
    OUR VIEW: Justice and closure provided 

     The lifeless bodies of Tracy Burke and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, were discovered by law enforcement officers inside Comer’s Rineyville home in September 2007. An investigation revealed the women had been shot to death inside Comer’s  home near Rineyville while Burke’s young sons, just 4 and 9 year olds at the time, hid inside a bedroom closet after witnessing the grizzly scene.

  • New law advances unified government conversation locally

    By Ken Howard

    If someone asked you "What is the third largest community in Kentucky" what would you think?

    Louisville Metro is first. Lexington/Fayette Urban County is second. But who is third?

    When Hardin County residents are asked this question the common answers are Covington-Kenton County or Bowling Green-Warren County or Owensboro-Daviess County.

    The correct answer is us, Hardin County.

  • Graduates must build their own future

    ISSUE: High school, college graduation
    OUR VIEW: Graduates face challenges

     An eager and excited class of high school seniors will receive diplomas this week from area high schools. Many community colleges and universities around the state already have bestowed degrees to their graduates.

    With tremendous pride and tearful eyes, parents will applaud all the hard work and accomplishments these diplomas and degrees represent for their young adults.

  • Lost in a hotel looking for a familiar face

     Choose your destination carefully, you might just have to stay there.

    “Last thing I remember, I was

    Running for the door

    I had to find the passage back

    To the place I was before

    ‘Relax’ said the night man,

    ‘We are programmed to receive.

    You can check-out any time you like,

    But you can never leave!’”

    — The Eagles,

    “Hotel California”

  • May 16, 2012: Our readers write

    Quick thinking saved a life

    I want to thank the nurses and doctors at the emergency room of Hardin Memorial Hospital and the local AirEvac flight crew for saving my life. On April 25, at my home I felt the crush of pressure on my chest and arm, and told my husband, Sam, that I needed to go to the emergency room, that I thought I was having a heart attack.

  • Will of voters settles any alcohol questions

    ISSUE: Two alcohol vote petitions
    OUR VIEW: Elections could be simultaneous

    As Hardin County’s three largest cities welcome new liquor stores and become accustomed to beer sales in groceries, pharmacies and convenience stores, interest continues to surface regarding additional alcohol sales options.

  • Closing of two schools creates new adventures

    After a long school year of early mornings, pop quizzes, homework, testing and more testing, most students, parents and educators look forward to the last day of school.

    It’s a time of celebration: The completion of another year of learning and growing and the unofficial start of summer.

    However, the faces probably won’t be very jubilant Wednesday in Muldraugh or Battletown when the bell rings for the very last time at two community elementary schools in Meade County. After more than 150 years of service, these two schools will close permanently.

  • May 15, 2012: Our readers write

     Paying a fair share

    I have heard quite a bit lately from President Barack Obama and his supporting cast of shills attacking those who have been successful and claiming that they need to pay their fair share.”