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  • Discussing baptism ban on Easter Sunday

    ISSUE: Baptism ban at county jail
    OUR VIEW: Jailer is justified in reasoning

    Today is Easter, a time of significant celebration in the lives of Christians. Believers celebrate the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb three days following his sacrificial death on the cross. For the faithful who follow Jesus, the importance of his atoning death, burial and resurrection prophesized in the Old Testament and recounted in the New Testament of the Bible is eternal.

  • April 6, 2012: Our readers write

    Due process should be honored

    On the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, I wasn’t there so I don’t have an opinion, at this point, as to who the real bad guy was. There is too much that I’d like to know before I could come to any conclusion. Any time someone is killed, it’s a tragedy. There’s nothing glamorous about it.

  • Value of jail ministry not in question

    For the past 36 years, the Hardin County Detention Center has enjoyed a very active and successful jail ministry with a variety of local churches. 

    Currently, 32 separate denominations or religious groups participate in jail ministry. This unique ministry began in 1976 when  jail chaplain Larry Vance along with Dr. Les Langley, Bill Evans, Kennett Smith and Patricia Wheeler  began the ministry on the “cell block.” They literally shared with inmates “through the bars” at the Hardin County Jail. 

  • Celebrating two notable deaths in my life

    Today is Easter Sunday. Coincidentally, it’s also my father’s birthday.

    Both celebrate death.

    One focuses on a loving, heavenly father who sacrificed to provide eternal life. The other focuses on a loving, earthly father who sacrificed in his own way to provide my stable life.

    Dad would have been 74 today. He only saw 54 birthdays.

    He’s come to mind a lot lately. I’m 54.

  • April 5, 2012: Our readers write

     Are we asking the right questions about Trayvon Martin?

  • Burglary takes family's possessions, legacy

    ISSUE: Burglary during funeral
    OUR VIEW: A cruelty of the worst kind

    Losing a loved one is an emotionally taxing experience we all must endure at some point. As we go through the traditions of a funeral and burial and in the days that follow, we might find comfort in our memories, our families and our friends. We can mourn.

    We ought to be showered in compassion in such times as we come to terms with a loss.

    That wasn’t the case for those who loved Richard “Lanny” Skees.

  • Dump unwanted medication before an issue arises

    ISSUE: Medication disposal at EPD
    OUR VIEW: Big step toward resolving big problem

    Law enforcement officials implement many tactics to combat crime, especially drug-related offenses.

    It is no secret Hardin County has its share of drug crimes as evinced by 21 warrants recently served in an area sweep or a student arrested for distributing medication at school. These cases remind us that in addition to illegal narcotics, the area has a problem with trafficking in prescription medication.

  • Kentucky's eighth title is only part of state's status

    TOPIC: UK wins No. 8
    OUR VIEW: Cats and Cards represented state well

     We knew for some time that a school from Kentucky would be in Monday night’s men’s national championship basketball game with Kentucky and Louisville advancing to a national semifinal showdown in New Orleans a week earlier.

    To have a program from our state celebrating as a national champion of college basketball is a magical time for fans.