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  • Valentine’s conundrum: She says no gifts this year

    Let’s not get anything for each other this Valentine’s,” Lori announced to me. “We don’t have time to look, and besides, we need to save the money.”

    But how do I know she means it?

    A man can never be completely sure. Sometimes his Valentine’s underlying message is: “I really want to be wowed but want you to figure that out without me having to tell you because if I tell you it won’t be the surprise I’m totally expecting you to surprise me with.”

  • Feb. 11, 2014: Our readers write

    Delay immigration reform

    Did ever a nation surrender its sovereignty to another without firing a shot or protesting? The illegals are taking our children’s jobs and our bread by getting welfare benefits. The Republicans are giving in with a proposal to grant illegals legal status, but not citizenship.

    If that passes, the ACLU and Democrats immediately will sue for citizenship for them and win.

  • Good news includes bringing back festival

    You could say that it’s back by popular demand. Via Colori in Elizabethtown lives.

    The annual street festival will have a new sponsoring agency and will continue after a public outcry related to a decision to cancel the 2014 event.

  • Column by David B. Whitlock
  • Feb. 11, 2013: Our readers write
  • Putin's showcase in Sochi reveals societal flaws

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent more than $50 billion — more than all previous Winter Games combined — to unveil a “new Russia” at the Olympics.

    But Sochi’s shiny new infrastructure is little more than a Potemkin village, an extravagant ruse designed to deceive the world about the true nature of Putin’s police state.

  • FBI reports online 'hijack'

    Cruising vehicle ads? BBB warns car shoppers to beware of criminals that hijack online ads to “sell” vehicles they do not own and have no intention of delivering.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Complaint Center received nearly 14,000 complaints from consumers who had been victimized or targeted by these scams from 2008 through last year. Victims lost nearly $44.5 million.

  • How the world measures vice has flipped

    Most people would see Kentuckians as God-fearing members of America’s conservative Bible belt. But when you consider the state’s “signature industries” — bourbon, burley and betting — are associated with vice, I have to wonder.

    Today’s Kentucky looks upon these matters quite differently than the Kentucky of my youth. Never could I have suspected that of the three vices, smoking would be considered the most vile.