Today's Opinions

  • Seeking patience to sort through the pieces

    Autism is a mystery.

    There’s no known cure and no confirmed cause.

    Diagnosis has increased dramatically in the past two decades. It now reportedly impacts one in 110 children in the U.S.

    You might recognize I’ve been doing some research on the topic. But it didn’t start here in April, which is designated as Autism Awareness Month.

    It’s been a topic of particular interest for some time. My primary instructor is a 6-year-old redheaded boy who calls me Grandpa.

  • April 29, 2012: Our readers write

     Social media and campaigns

    @BryanForKyHouse is a profile on Twitter dedicated to “tweeting” important information pertaining to Kendrick Bryan’s campaign to represent the Hardin County area in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

  • Radcliff finds appropriate balance for alcohol rules

    ISSUE: Alcohol on Radcliff public property
    Council should yield solid city property policy

  • Focus on Finance: What's your financial IQ?

    By Michael Bateman

  • April 27, 2012: Our readers write

    Do the right thing in Vine Grove

    Although I do not know former Vine Grove Police Chief Steve Manning personally, I have neither heard or seen anything reflecting poorly on his job performance. To the contrary, I have heard many compliments on his performance as police chief and as a Kentucky state trooper. Vine Grove’s crime rate has remained low and I’m unaware of any community wide complaints.

  • Laurels: Inspiration comes from many corners

    When considering people worthy of praise, start with inspirational action.

    WALK TO WASHINGTON. Dan Lyons is carrying a message about respect and honor for veterans to Washington, D.C. And he's doing it by foot.

    The 62-year-old Reno, Nev., resident recently passed through Hardin County on his six-month trek to the capital. Frustrated by noncommittal answers from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who was elected from his state, Lyons asked if he could get a meeting if he walked to D.C.

  • Tribute to a teacher who provided lifetime of inspiration

    I was skinny then, with toothpick legs, curly hair, freckled cheeks and two front teeth that were longer than the others. I was, therefore, quietly self-conscious as a seventh grader, and even though I appeared to be confident enough, I was insecure on the inside.

    Instead of standing out and looking people and life straight in the eye, inside the urges to blend in and look away can keep dreams from being reached and personalities from unfurling.

  • One senior reflects on day of service

    On a cold, rainy Saturday morning, 51 students of my senior class braved the weather, gave up their Thunder over Louisville weekend and lost some sleep to catch a bus to help residents of Henryville, Ind., on the National Day of Service.

    As a student on the trip, I witnessed events which affirm what I always have believed — North Hardin is a school of pride and one that truly cares about its tradition of excellence.