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  • July 18, 2012: Our readers write

     Hidden taxation

  • July 18, 2012: Our readers write

     Hidden taxation

  • Warm Blessings takes to the road

    ISSUE: Warm Blessings begins home-deliveried meals
    OUR VIEW: Program provides nourishment, social interaction

    Warm Blessings in Elizabethtown seeks to extend its reach beyond the soup kitchen meal offerings. According to Executive Board Chairwoman Linda Funk, its meal-service organization is recruiting an initial team of five to 10 volunteers who will deliver a warm, prepared meal to elderly and shut-in residents twice weekly across the community.

  • Financial aid schemes target students looking for help

    The Better Business Bureau warns students and parents to be cautious when looking for cash to pay for college.

    With the cost of college outpacing inflation and crimping family budgets, students and their families are eager to find scholarships and other awards to help pay for a higher education.

  • New day for child protection transparency

    Others will no doubt see the big story of today as the state’s appeal to the Supreme Court around the release of child fatalities and near fatalities records. That is important, but let’s face it – that is an old battle being waged to its bitter end.

  • July 17, 2012: Our readers write

    With Obamacare in place, what’s next?

    The Supreme Court has ruled the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and it’s now officially the law of the land. Oddly, their ruling was not based on the Commerce Clause, which everyone believed to be the crux of the argument against the individual mandate. If they had held to that, they no doubt would have had to throw the law out. No, the court decided this law was really a tax, which Congress has authority to impose, and as such, the law is allowed under the Constitution.

  • Addressing realities of health-care market

    ISSUE: HMH buys, closes Acute Care
    Free enterprise at work

    There are forces at work in Hardin County — market forces and they are keeping capitalism alive and well.
    Hardin Memorial Health, the county-owned entity that operates Hardin Memorial Hospital among other things, recently purchased Acute Care, an independent urgent care business on Ring Road in Elizabethtown.

  • Solutions often begin as a dream

    All great ideas start with a dream that transforms into reality.

    For the Rev. Towanda Hope, her vision for a homeless shelter in Hardin County will serve an unmet need in our community. She should be applauded for taking on the immense challenge and going in a direction that others have avoided or overlooked.

    Recently, ground was broken on the Heart of Hope Homeless Shelter, which will be in the basement of Powerhouse of Praise & Deliverance Center in Radcliff — Hope’s church. She hopes the shelter is operational by early next year.